It is important that you are not alone when you apply this diet. You can get a lot of strength from the support that other people offer. In addition, it is nice if you can go to someone if you have a question and to communicate your achieved goals. This support makes it easier to maintain the diet and you are not alone.

If you ever when your motivation is a bit gone, it may be useful to read other people’s success stories.
The stories show you what possible and give you inspiration when you need it.

There are many groups on Facebook where you can go, at Go-Keto we have our own Go-Keto community. If you are a member of the Go-Keto community you can ask all your questions and find various tools and information about the ketogenic diet. You automatically get access to the Go-Keto community when you participate in the Go-Keto challenge.

In addition, it also helps to do this diet together with someone. This way you experience the same things and you encounter the same things. It motivates each other to continue, but you have to pay attention. It could also be that you motivate each other and that should not happen of course!