5-Day Go-Keto Kickstart Plan
Day 5 – Motivation!

On this second day of your keto adventure, the fifth and final day of this Kickstart Plan, we’re going to look ahead to the future. Yesterday we talked about the first few weeks of your new lifestyle, today we’ll check out some ways to make the most of it in the long run. Let’s talk about  


A wise man once said: 

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”  

– Zig Ziglar

Think about that for a second. It’s true, isn’t it! And that means that no matter how strongly you felt that you were totally committed when you set your goals a few days ago, you can’t just leave it there.

Motivation is an activity

As the initial excitement and curiosity of doing something new wears off, you will probably also come across some bumpy stretches along your keto path. A few days of keto flu, temptation at a birthday party, people who don’t see the point of what you’re doing and try to argue you out of it – anything could tip the balance if you don’t have a solid base of motivation and purpose. And that base needs to be refreshed daily to keep up a positive and productive attitude.

So, how to keep motivatin’?

Of course, this is personal. For some, it’s enough to weigh themselves once a week, others are into meditation and there are people who only have to look at a 10 year-old selfie to tap into a wellspring of motivation. If that’s you, or if you have some other ploy that triggers you, you know what to do. Otherwise, check out this list of motivational keto tips and tricks that other ketonians have tried and find helpful!
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1. Keep measuring those ketones!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: measure your ketone and glucose values daily and track your GKI with the Go-Keto Meter and Go-Keto AppBelieve me, few things work better than tracking your keto journey, seeing actual results and being able to improve on them. Stay alert and on track, keep checking those values.

2. Work out and keep moving

Exercise, especially outdoors, will not just speed up your metabolism and contribute to weight loss, it’s also a great way to boost and channel your mental energy, giving you a sunny, positive outlook that helps you to love your keto way of life. And did you know that people who regularly work out find it easier to make healthy food choices?

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3. A little help from your Go-Keto friends

Yes, Go-Keto is here for you, with everything you need on this keto journey – premium products and supplements, delicious recipes, a treasure trove of information and expert advice and in-depth workshops in which I regularly host international keto experts. And if you have keto questions – just reach out to me here. Ask me anything.

4. Connect with fellow ketonians

In this exciting journey, there’s nothing better than a bit of support from your fellow travellers. Join the Go-Keto Instagram and exclusive Facebook group to become part of a lively and happy community where you  can share your interests and experiences, keto information and insights, recipes, inspiration and fun!


5. Enjoy your keto food!

By now, it should be clear to you that the keto lifestyle is not one of deprivation, but of amazingly delicious and satisfying eating! Take your time to prepare the food that you love. Experiment, try new recipes and ingredients. Make dinner an event – surprise your friends, your family AND yourself with how amazing ‘dieting’ can be!  

6. Keep your goals alive 

If you’ve followed my advice, your goals are right there on your fridge. Now you still notice it, but in a few weeks, you might just forget it’s there. So try to get back to it regularly. Keep it up-to-date by setting new goals if you feel you’ve moved on, add pictures of yourself or successful recipes – in short: keep your keto goals ALIVE

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using app

7. Avoid too much routine 

Routine can be useful for dieting, as it helps you to easily do things that were hard at first. But it can also make you careless. You lose interest and get sloppy…  So keep finetuning your diet and stay engaged with your lifestyle. Pay regular visits to the Go-Keto Academy to be inspired and charged by our expert insights and information! 

… and most important:
be grateful and celebrate! 

Did you know that practicing gratefulness can boost mood, social skills and overall health and wellbeing? Just try it. Take some time each day to focus on what’s good and beautiful in your life. And celebrate! The big achievements as well as the little things – anything from a great meal to a sweet cuddle with your cat or the sun through the trees. 

Gratitude can spark not just your keto motivation,
but your appetite for life itself.  

Shall we keep in touch?

On that happy note, we come to the end of this 5-Day Kickstart Plan. It’s been great to have you on board and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! So I sincerely hope that we’ll see more of you. It would make me very happy if you sign on to our Facebook Community and Instagram and use our Go-Keto website, our resources, our products and our support to the full.

Wishing you the very best on your keto journey – and wherever you go, Go-Keto!

Ben Nordemann
Go-Keto CEO and founder


The information reflected in this article is intended for educational purposes only. Please consult your physician or medical specialist before making any major adjustments to your diet.