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If you’re a keto go-getter, then this keto starter plan is for you. In just 5 days, in 5 practical, easy-to follow and fun episodes!


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Empowering Metabolic Health: The Genesis of Go-Keto
Welcome to Go-Keto, where our mission is to transform health and well-being through the ketogenic lifestyle.
Our commitment to your metabolic health extends beyond products. We cultivate a vibrant community, offering keto coaching, webinars, and recipes, to guide you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!
Discover the story behind our mission and how it all began.
I’m Ben Nordemann, founder of Go-Keto. I have channeled my passion into creating a brand that epitomizes quality, innovation, and trust.
Ben Nordemann - Go-Keto CEO & Founder

The benefits of a ketogenic diet

Weightloss and Body Toning

During a ketogenic diet, your body switches to fat burning. You lose fat fast, while ketones preserve your muscle mass!

Improved cognitive function

Your brain is able to absorb ketones many times better than carbohydrates. This allows you to focus better and think more clearly.

More energy

Thanks to a more efficient energy source, your body always has enough energy. No more sugar crashes or energy dips after your meal!

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After adopting Go-Keto, individuals report a surge in vitality, improved health metrics, and significant weight loss achievements. Be inspired by their stories, of how the keto lifestyle has led to enhanced well-being and confidence.

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Unlock the secrets of keto and become a fat-burning pro!
The Go-Keto Academy is your ultimate resource for cutting-edge research, clear explanations, and inspiring stories.
Learn everything you need to know about macros, fasting, and the science behind ketosis. Empower yourself with knowledge and join the thriving keto community today!

What is MCT oil and how it helps you in your keto journey?

When you follow a keto diet, it is very important that you take good, healthy fats. After all, they are your primary source of energy!


Go-Keto offers a wealth of resources, including expert advice and exclusive products. If you’re looking for personalized support, our network of keto coaches is at your service. They’re equipped with the skills to help fine-tune your keto journey. Visit our website to find your perfect keto coach match.

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Keto Made Easy: Your Complete Journey, Tracked and Nourished
Begin your keto adventure with Go-Keto, where our ethos ‘Keto Made Easy’ shines through every product we offer. From the first meal of the day to the last snack at night, we’ve got you covered with the highest quality keto-friendly foods. Plus, with our precision ketone meter, monitoring your progress becomes a effortless, ensuring you stay on track with ease. Explore our range of products designed to simplify every aspect of your keto lifestyle, from nourishing meals to accurate ketosis tracking. Dive into a world where healthful living is effortless, supported by our comprehensive solutions tailored for every part of your day.

Go-Keto App

Keto Made Easy starts with the Go-Keto app, your digital companion for an effortless keto lifestyle. Track your ketone levels, calculate your GKI, and monitor your daily macros with the newly added macro tracker. Visualize your progress with easy-to-read graphs and manage your metabolic health in one convenient app. Download the Go-Keto app on Android or Apple today and simplify your journey. That’s Keto made easy.