Electrolyte Powder Black Cherry Perfect Keto 301g


Essential electrolytes blended for optimal hydration with vitamin D for an extra health boost. 

✅ A blend of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and potassium 
✅ Contains 125% RI of vitamin D to support a healthy immune system
✅ Helps eliminate cramps, headaches, and other keto flu symptoms
✅ Only natural flavors, no artificial
✅ No calories, no carbs and no sugar 

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  • Tell me more!

    Electrolyte Powder Black Cherry Perfect Keto 301g
    Contains all 4 electrolytes you need to replenish on a low carbohydrate diet. PLUS added vitamin D (it contains 125% of your DV) to support max absorption and a healthy immune system. They also have zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugar. 

    Daily Electrolytes will help reduce those nasty keto adaptation symptoms caused by dehydration when your body first enters ketosis. After you’ve adapted to ketosis, Daily Electrolytes will ensure you maintain the right electrolyte balance in your body. 

    ✅ A blend of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and potassium 
    ✅ Contains 125% RI of vitamin D to support a healthy immune system
    ✅ Uniquely formulated for optimal hydration
    ✅ Helps eliminate cramps, headaches, and other keto flu symptoms
    ✅ Only natural flavors, no artificial
    ✅ No calories, no carbs and no sugar 

    Perfect Keto Electrolytes Powder is also available in the flavours:  Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Pink Lemonade and Watermelon. 

  • Why should I use?

    Make Keto So Much Easier
    Hydration is especially important on keto. When you first start keto and your body adapts to ketosis for the first time, you lose more fluids (and electrolytes) than normal, which can cause unwanted side effects such as dehydration, altered mood, fatigue, constipation, cramps, brain fog and headaches (also known as the keto flu).  

    • Replenish electrolytes after a workout. 
    • Combat ‘keto flu’ symptoms like nausea, fatigue, constipation and cramps. 
    • Relax with magnesium before bed.  
    • Replenish electrolytes after a day in the sun. 

    Support Exercise and Recovery
    It’s important to replenish the electrolytes you lose through sweat when you workout.  

    Being deficient in electrolytes can cause muscle weakness, cramps, and slows recovery. Daily Electrolytes support your exercise routine and recovery by giving you essential electrolytes back. It’s like taking a magnesium supplement, a potassium supplement, and a vitamin D supplement in one. 

    Help Your Body Stay Hydrated
    Optimal hydration is about achieving the right balance of water and electrolytes your body needs to function. Drinking too much water (and not enough electrolytes) can throw off this balance and dilute electrolytes in your body.  This causes you to lose electrolytes responsible for functions such as water retention, muscle contraction, heartbeat regulation, body temperature control and energy production. To be hydrated, you need to strike this delicate balance between water and electrolytes. Daily Electrolytes help replenish the essential electrolytes you need to be truly hydrated and feel your best. 

  • What others say?

    “PSA: If you’re struggling with keto and feeling flat, you need to try Perfect Keto Electrolytes.” – Leanne Vogel 

    “Perfect Keto is perfect for my clients who are really struggling cutting out sugar as they go through withdrawals. THANK YOU for a crap-free, delicious product.” – Emily Schromm 

  • What's inside?

    Ingredients: Amount per 1 scoop (6g):
    Vitamin D 25mcg
    Magnesium 250mg
    Chloride 365mg
    Sodium 240mg
    Potassium 600mg  

    Why these ingredients?
    Magnesium is an essential mineral responsible for over 300 important bodily functions. Magnesium plays a big role in energy production, mitochondrial health, nerve and muscular function, heart rate, immunity, and more. Magnesium deficiency can lead to muscle cramps and weakness, impaired sleep, weak bones, mood disorders, altered blood pressure, and irregular heart rate. 

    Sodium plays a big role in water retention, making it one of the key players in hydration. Not consuming enough sodium can lead to nausea, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, muscle weakness, altered mood, impaired exercise performance, and muscle cramps. 

    Chloride works with sodium to regulate fluid retention and contributes to healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients.  

    Potassium is important for maintaining healthy blood pressure, regulating heart rate, balancing fluids, and regulating nerve and muscle function. The addition of potassium is especially important on keto because there aren’t a lot of keto-friendly foods rich in potassium. 

    Vitamin D
    Vitamin D helps your brain absorb magnesium and supports a healthy immune system. Most people are deficient in vitamin D, so this addition supports your overall health as well. 

    Electrolyte powder watermelon. Ingredients: Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), Malic Acid, Monopotassium Phosphate, Natural Flavor, Magnesium Citrate, Citric Acid, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Calcium Silicate, Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A), Beet Juice Powder (for Color).  
    Nutritional Values  Per 100 gram  Per  Serving 
    Energy  0 kcal  0 kcal 
      0 kJ  0 kJ 
    Fat  0 g  0 g 
    – of which saturates   0 g  0 g 
    Carbohydrate  0 g  0 g 
    – of which  Sugars  0 g  0 g 
    Fibre  0 g  0 g 
    Protein  0 g  0 g 
    Vitamin D  417 mcg  25 mcg 
    Magnesium Citrate  4.167 mg  250 g 
    Chloride  6.083 mg  365 g 
    Salt (sodium)  6.083 mg  365 g 
    Potassium  10.000 mg  600 g 
    Serving size  6g   
  • How to use?

    How to use:
    Add a scoop to a glass of water & hydrate!

    Use this product daily when on the ketogenic diet to restore your electrolytes or mineral balance. The electrolytes are recommended: 

    • When you start Keto, to combat keto flu symptoms 
    • In the morning to start your day full of energy 
    • After a workout, to replenish the electrolytes 
    • In the evening, for relaxing before bed 
    • During hot days, to replenish electrolytes after a day of sun 
  • What you should know!

    No allergens

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