Go-Keto Glucose Ketone Meter Kickstart Set (mmol/l) + MCT Oil C8/C10


Everything you need for measuring your glucose and ketone levels with the #1 Ketone test in Europe. Recommended by leading keto doctors, scientists and coaches.  

Now available as a bundle together with the bestselling Go-Keto C8/C10 MCT Oil. A perfect fit for your keto diet, giving you the best digestible sort of fat for a ketone energy boost!

Please note: the Go-Keto Meter in this set will measure glucose in mmol/l. This is the standard glucose unit in the Netherlands and the UK and many other European countries.

This bundle contains: 

#1 Ketone test in Europe to track your progress into ketosis!
Go-Keto Meter measures glucose in mmol/l (standard in NL, UK)
10 ketone strips, 1 lancing pen, 10 lancets
Go-Keto MCT Oil Premium Coconut C8/C10 500ml
Go-Keto kickstart guide + Go-Keto masterclass 

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    The Go-Keto Meter and MCT Oil bundle is a perfect start to your keto journey.

    The Go-Keto® glucose and ketone meter is admired for its accuracy. Everything you need for measuring your glucose and ketone levels with the #1 Ketone test in Europe. Used daily by thousands of ketonians, and health professionals. With this battery operated meter you can easily monitor your glucose and ketone levels at home or when travelling.

    The Go-Keto meter accurately measures glucose and ketones with 2 different strips. All in a matter of seconds and from a very small drop of blood.  

    Go-Keto C8/C10 MCT Oil contains the purest form of MCT, which is the best type of fat. MCT’s get metabolised faster in your body, which will result in a quick boost of energy. You can easily put the MCT oil in your coffee or drink it immediately. It’s clean, vegan and palm free and made from 100% pure premium sustainably sourced coconut oil! 

  • Why this meter

    This bundle is perfect for kickstarting your keto journey with two essential Go-Keto products the Go-Keto Meter Kickstart Set and Premium C8/C10 MCT Oil for your much-needed ketone energy. And it comes at a very attractive price, since you will receive a special discount when you purchase this bundle.

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  • Whats inside

    The Go-Keto Kickstart Set includes everything for your first 10 Ketone measurements

    Everything you need for kickstarting your keto journey and measuring your ketone levels with the #1 Ketone test in Europe. The meter is recommended by leading keto doctors, scientists and coaches. 

    ✅ Go-Keto blood glucose and ketone meter
    ✅ 1 lancing pen
    ✅ 10 lancets
    ✅ 10 ketone test strips
    ✅ 1 ketone control solution
    ✅ 2 batteries (CR 2032 3,0V)
    ✅ 1 carrying case
    ✅ User manual 

    Please note: the Go-Keto Meter in this set will measure glucose in mmol/l. This is the standard glucose unit in the Netherlands and the UK and many other European countries.

    Country Glucose Measuring Unit
    Austria mg/dL
    Belgium mg/dL
    Croatia mmol/L
    Czech Republic mmol/L
    Denmark mmol/L
    Estonia mmol/L
    Finland mmol/L
    France mg/dL
    Germany mg/dL
    Greece mg/dL
    Hungary mmol/L
    Ireland mmol/L
    Italy mg/dL
    Lithuania mmol/L
    Luxembourg mg/dL
    Malta mmol/L
    Netherlands mmol/L
    Poland mg/dL
    Portugal mg/dL
    Slovakia mmol/L
    Slovenia mmol/L
    Spain mg/dL
    Sweden mmol/L
    United Kingdom mmol/L


    There are 2 types of test strips for this meter. Glucose Test Strips and Ketone Test Strips. 


    Note: These test strips are exclusively for use with the Go-Keto® and OnCall® GK Dual Meter 


    Go-Keto MCT Oil Premium Coconut C8/C10  

    100% palm free MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) from pure coconut oil with 60% caprylic acid (C8), 40% capric acid (C10) 

      Per 100ml  Per serving 15ml 
    Energy  3577kJ / 855 kcal  537kJ/128 kcal 
    Total fat  95g  14,3g 
    Saturated fat  95g  14,3g 
    C8   57g  8,6g 
    C10   38g  5,7g 
    Carbohydrates   0g  0g 
    Sugar   0g  0g 
    Salt   0g  0g 
  • How to use

    For the Go-Keto Meter:  

    See your User’s Manual for complete instructions for blood sample collection before use. Watch our instructional videos to optimize your testing results; videos on YouTube, our website. There are different strips for ketone and for glucose measurement.  

    1. Open the cap of the test strip vial only to remove a test strip for testing. Replace the cap immediately to protect the remaining test strips from moisture in the air. 
    2. Run the blood β-Ketone test following the instructions contained in your user’s manual. 
    3. The blood β-Ketone test result will be shown on the meter display window. This result should fall within the target range recommended by your healthcare professional. If your blood β-Ketone test results are higher, ask your healthcare professional what to do. Always consult your healthcare professional before making any changes to your treatment plan. 

    step 2 and 3 also apply for glucose testing 


    MCT Oil C8/C10 recommended use: 

    Start with 2 times a small (5ml) spoon a day. Increase your intake slowly to 2-3 tablespoons (15ml) of MCT oil per day. It’s best to take it at a minimum of half an hour before your meal. The ketone impact is roughly three times higher compared to when MCT’s are being consumed with a meal.  

    Due to its neutral taste our oil can be used in practically everything. Enjoy it in bulletproof coffee, shakes, smoothies, salad or pure. Do not heat above 120oC. 

    Taking MCT Oil helps you to ease your transition into ketosis. It’s the ideal energy source on your keto diet. 

  • Specifications & Features

    Largest measurement range on the market 

    • Glucose: 0.6 – 33 3 mmol/L (10 – 600mg/dL) 
    • β-ketone: 0.0 – 8.0 mmol/L 

    A small blood droplet is enough to test:  

    • Glucose: 0.8 μL 
    • β--ketone: 1.2 μL 

    Fast testing time: 

    • Glucose:< 5 seconds 
    • β--ketone: <10 seconds 

    The highly accurate Go-Keto meter offers advanced performance: 

    • Fast and easy Ketone or Glucose measuring with 2 different strips 
    • Clinical proven accuracy  
    • Automatic calibration with code chip  
    • Strip ejector for easy and safe disposal 
    • Meal-markers help monitor results before and after meals 
    • 5 customizable test reminders  
    • 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 day averaging to quickly identify blood glucose trends 
    • Hypo, hyper and ketone warnings 
    • Stores up to 450 blood glucose and β-Ketone records with time and date 
    • Long battery life – up to 3,000 tests 
    • Wide operating temp. range of 5 – 45ºC allows testing in almost any environment 
    • Operating Relative Humidity 10 – 90% 
    • Meter Size 90.3 mm x 58.0 mm x 19.4 mm 
    • Display Size 40.2 mm x 36.0 mm 
    • Weight 64 g (with battery installed) 

    Download the Go-Keto Meter User Manual

  • Quality & Warranty

    All Swiss Point Of Care measuring devices comply with the strict European directives and are ISO and/or CE0123 certified. All devices provided by Swiss Point Of Care are subject to stringent quality tests several times a year, incl. independent testing agencies in Europe, including Switzerland and Germany. 

    On all of our products we provide the full factory warranty. You are entitled to a good product. If something is amiss, we will solve it for you.


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