MCT Bomb Vanilla Go-Keto 15 x 10ml


Need energy? Grab a Go-Keto MCT Bomb! Whenever you feel a bit pecky or faint, at work, at home, outdoors or working out, this delicious MCT gel will power you up without raising your glucose levels. The one-portion sachets are made to fit in your pocket, so you can always have one or two at hand.

✅ C8/C10 MCT Oil gel, delicious vanilla flavour
✅ Clean energy whenever you need it
✅ Easy-to-bring-along 10ml sachets
✅ All-natural, vegan, gluten free – zero keto carbs
✅ Perfect for your keto or low-carb lifestyle

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  • Tell me more!

    The Go-Keto MCT Bomb is a delicious vanilla-flavoured MCT Oil gel packed in single-dose portions, designed to boost your (ketone) energy on the go, without spiking your glucose levels.

    Do you get 4 o’clock-ish at work? Want a nice, sweet snack on the go or at home? A bit drained from working out? Just grab an MCT Bomb. It’s the perfect guilt free treat for ketonians, low-carbers and anyone who wants to perform at their best.

    The one-dose 10ml sachets are made to fit into your bag or pocket and are easy to bring along wherever you go. Always make sure you have one or two at hand!

    The MCT Bomb is sweetened with plant-based, natural glycerol, which also gives the gel its smooth, creamy texture. Technically labelled as a carbohydrate, glycerol is metabolized differently by your body. It has a zero glycaemic index, hence zero keto carbs! The MCT Bomb will just give you the MCT oil to keep you going at full (ketone) power, without affecting your glucose levels.

    The MCT Bomb is vegan and gluten free and contains only pure and clean, all-natural ingredients.

  • Why should I use?

    The MCT Bomb is perfect whenever you need a clean, guilt-free snack to replenish your energy. With its delicious vanilla flavour and convenient packaging, it’s the ideal energy booster to bring along along wherever you go, whatever you do!

    ✅ C8/C10 MCT Oil gel, delicious vanilla flavour
    ✅ Clean energy whenever you need it
    ✅ Easy-to-bring-along 10ml sachets
    ✅ All-natural, vegan and gluten free
    ✅ Made sweet, creamy and zero-keto-carb by glycerol
    ✅ Soluble in hot or cold drinks like coffee, smoothies
    ✅ Perfect for your keto or low-carb lifestyle

  • What others say?
  • What's inside?

    MCT Oil Emulsion with Vanilla. Ingredients:  Liquid coconut oil, glycerol, sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla flavour 

    Nutritional values  Per 100 gram  Per 10ml sachet 
    Energy  2937kJ  293kJ 
      703kcal  70kcal 
    Fat  61,4g  6g 
    – of which saturates   59,8g  6g 
    Carbohydrates 37,5g  4g 
    – of which polyols 
    of which sugars
    Fibre  0g  0g 
    Protein  0g  0g 
    Salt  0g  0g 
  • How to use?

    Recommended use:
    You can enjoy the MCT Bomb straight from the sachet. The gel can also be stirred into hot and cold drinks for an extra energy boost.

    Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Don’t freeze.

  • What you should know!

    No allergens 

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MCT Bomb Vanilla Go-Keto 15 x 10ml


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