MCT Organic Keto Bar Walnut Cacao Go-Keto x12


We all want a snack once in a while. With the Go-Keto Bars you can snack worry free. This organic keto bar is perfect while on the go, quickly satisfies your hunger, and boosts your energy level. And with the delicious flavor of real walnuts and cocoa it will leave you longing for more.

✅ Only 1-2g net carbs in every bar
✅ More than 18g fat in every bar
 Delicious and nutritious snack 
✅ Organic, lactose, gluten and sugar free
✅ Fits perfectly in a (vegan) keto lifestyle 

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    Not enough time for a nutritious meal? Go-Keto Bar is here to save the day. This ‘on-the-go’ low carb bar is perfect as a snack and, due to its small size, ideal to take with you on your trip, to work or to the gym. 

    This low-carb, energy boosting and nutritious snack is not only delicious, but also keto friendly. We developed it with pure, high quality ingredients that don’t affect your glucose levels. 

    Keto bars are full of high quality fats and protein that will supply you with long lasting energy to fuel your body and mind. What’s inside? Walnuts, cocoa butter, coconut oil, pink salt and green tea-extract. 

    ✅ Only 1-2g net carbs in every bar
    ✅ More than 18g fat in every bar
    ✅ Perfect snack for your keto diet
    ✅ Lactose, gluten and sugar free
    ✅ Energy boost for body and mind
    ✅ Delicious and nutritious
    ✅ Fits perfectly in a (vegan) keto lifestyle
    ✅ Organic certified
    ✅ Comes in a pack of 12 bars 

    Prefer a different flavor? We also have a Go-Keto Bar Hazelnut Coconut Lemon. Or try our Keto Crunch or Keto Protein bars. 

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    Organic bar with walnut and cocoa. With sweetener.

    Ingredients: cocoa butter *, dried coconut *, walnuts * (nuts) (12%), inulin (agave fiber *), sweetener (erythritol *), linseed *, pumpkin seeds *, cocoa powder * (4.5%), chia seeds (Salvia Hispanica) *, sunflower seeds *, coconut flour *, coconut oil *, psyllium husk *, pink salt, green tea extract *, antioxidant (tocopherol-rich extract) (* organic ingredient).   

      per 100 g  per bar 40g 
    Energy  2132J / 515 kcal  853kJ / 206kcal 
    Total fat  46,9 g   18,7 g 
    Saturated fat  21,8 g  8,7 g 
    Carbs   17 g  6,8 g 
    – of which sugars:  2,2 g  0,9 g 
    – of which polyols  13,2 g  5,3 g 
    Keto Carbs   2,2g  0,9 g 
    Fibers  23,8 g  9,5 g 
    Protein  8,5 g  3,4 g 
    Salt  0,2 g  0,1 g 

    Excessive use can have a laxative effect. Store in a dry, dark, cool place. Vegan, gluten free. 

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MCT Organic Keto Bar Walnut Cacao Go-Keto x12


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