Organic Almond Flour 400gr


Almond flour is an absolute must in every kitchen. The almonds used have been husked. This makes the low-carb almond flour suitable for fine dishes. Almond flour is very suitable for the keto diet and with its delicious taste iit’s the perfect basis for your baking. 

 Fits perfectly in a keto, low-carb and vegan lifestyle
 Delicious taste
 Vegan, organic and gluten free
 Perfect for baking bread, cakes, pancakes or cookies
 Rich in vitamins and minerals  

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    Are you looking for a suitable flour to use in your diet? Almond Flour is the perfect base for any vegan, organic, ketogenic or simply healthy baking recipe.  

    The almonds used have been husked, so they have lost their bitter taste. This ensures a delicious taste and fine structure in every baking dish.

  • Why should I use?

    The Almond Flour is not only suitable in a keto lifestyle, but is also suitable for any gluten-free, organic or vegan lifestyle.  

     Fits perfectly in a keto, low-carb and vegan lifestyle
     Delicious taste
     Vegan, organic and healthy
     Perfect for baking bread, cakes, pancakes or cookies
     100% gluten free
     Rich in vitamins and minerals  

  • What others say?
  • What's inside?

    Almond flour (nuts)*
    = Organic NL-BIO-01 

    Nutritional Values  Per 100 gram 
    Energy  590Kcal 
    Fat  52,5g 
    – of which saturated  4,0g 
    Carbohydrate  8,8g 
    – of which Sugars  4,6g 
    Fibre  9,9g 
    Protein  21,4g 
    Salt  0,05g 


  • How to use?

    Recommended use:
    Store in a cool, dry and closed place.  

  • What you should know!

    Nuts (

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Organic Almond Flour 400gr


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