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It’s not always easy to maintain a diet or lifestyle. That’s why sometimes it helps to get a coach who helps you achieve your goals.

We have a list of certified Go-Keto coaches for you, which you can choose from.

Are you a coach yourself and would you like to be certified Go-Keto? Please contact us.

What does a coach do for me?

A coach makes sure you achieve your goals. He or she helps you when you’re feeling low and gives you tips that are tailored to you.

Don’t you know what to prepare anymore? A Go-Keto coach can also help with that. This way you can prepare tasty keto dishes in no time.

That’s how you stand stronger and don’t have to do it alone.

Meal Planning

That way you don’t have to figure out what you’re going to eat today.

Guaranteed Result

Our Go-Keto Coaches make sure you attain your goals.

Custom plans

No one’s the same. Thank god! Custom plans help you get that piece of extra result.

Our Coaches

Who can help you make your keto journey a success

Johanne Cammarata

My name is Johanne, I am a super-happy french coach in the ketogenic diet! I am soon to turn 40, and I had my wake-up call exactly 11 years ago, when I started to realize that, what was taught to people as mainstream nutrition was making them sick, depressed and fat....

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Noor Struik

Hi, I am Noor Struik, an experienced dietitian and nutritional epidemiologist from the Netherlands. Within my online practice, The Nourishing State, I focus on low-carbohydrate healthy-fat (LCHF) diets to manage numerous conditions and diseases, as well as improving...

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Lena Selimi

Lena Selimi, also known as, is the founder of "The Vegan Keto Bootcamp". The Vegan Keto Bootcamp - is the world's first program designed specifically to help women get into ketosis very quickly, lose weight, defeat endometriosis, balance their hormones,...

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Plan an introductory interview

Before you continue this keto journey together, it’s useful to get to know each other better. Schedule your free introductory interview with one of our coaches.

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What are our coaches helping you with?

Sports nutrition

Do you want to do Keto to improve your sports performance? Our coaches can help you find the right nutrition plan.


Although you can do anything theoretically without supplements. Your body will still like to get some extra support. Coaches help you make the best choice.

Losing weight

The biggest reason one does keto is to lose weight. However, you want to do this in control and you may have certain limitations. Our coaches help you with that.

Coaching calls

The most valuable thing a coach can do for you is talk to you. This allows you to ask all the questions you’re dealing with. Our coaches meet you regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what’s going on.

Are Go-Keto coaches independent?

Our Go-Keto coaches are all independent. They have their own practice, but also focus on helping people in their keto journey.

We’re not telling them what to recommend to you. This way you are assured of independent tailored advice.

Can I also get online support?

Yes! To do this, you could follow our 8-weeks challenge, giving you access to the exclusive facebook group and seeing a series of webinars that can help you.

In addition, there are regular facebook lives in the facebook group of coaches who can answer your questions.

Do I pay money to Go-Keto when I meet a coach?

No, the sessions you meet with your coach are strictly between you and your coach. We only bring you the opportunity to get in touch with coaches.

Do Go-Keto coaches have a certification?

Yes, we also like to teach our coaches about keto. When coaches join us, they will receive certification after following our program.

Is the introductory interview free of charge?

Yes, the first conversation is always free and noncommittal. Are you continuing with your coach, you will then make agreements about it.

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If you have any questions about the program, the device, recipes or other things related to ketogenic diet, please contact us!

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