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The Go-Keto 8-weeks Challenge


What is the Go-Keto Challenge?

The 8-week Go-Keto challenge is a professionally and scientifically proven program based on the ketogenic diet. During Go-Keto your body uses fat as an energy source, instead of sugars and glucose and you lose weight.

Professional / intensive guidance

During 8 weeks you will be guided by the specialists of the Go-Keto team.

Together with others you will go through this transformation. Via a private Go-Keto Facebook group you can stay up to date with what’s going on, you can ask us questions and share your experiences with others.

In the private Go-Keto Facebook group, you can ask the Go-Keto team questions, stay up to date with what’s going on, and share your experiences with others. Learn from each other and support each other.
Go through this transformation together with others.

Guaranteed result

You will learn to burn fat responsibly during the 8 weeks.

Our Keto program focuses on adding lots of vegetables to your meals. That way you get enough nutrients to ensure that your body stays healthy in the long term. If you follow the program you are guaranteed to lose weight.

You will lose weight; we promise you that! Not happy, money back.

Why should I follow the Go-Keto Challenge?

Scientific research has shown that the ketogenic diet guarantees lasting effects. With Go-Keto you experience:

Higher energy level
Clear mindset
More stable feeling of hunger
Weight loss
No bloated feeling

Do you find it difficult to reach your goal weight?

You are not alone. We are here to help you!

With the 8-week Go-Keto Challenge we help you on your way to a responsible Keto diet. Full online guidance with experts and guaranteed results.

The ketogenic diet: a short introduction

The Keto diet is known as a diet where few carbohydrates are consumed. By doing this, the body is forced to get into a “ketosis” state. In this state the body mainly uses fat as the most prominent energy source. From a scientific point of view, this way of eating has been around for millions of years and the ketogenic diet was the first primordial man’s diet; what made it possible to evolve as a species.

Read more about the Keto Diet
The Keto Diet, often promoted as a completely new method, has been around for more than 100 years. This makes it one of the oldest, most tested and proven diets that exist. This method has not only produced miracles in people who want to lose weight. Over the years, the Keto Diet has been used to treat a range of diseases. Consider, for example, epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even certain forms of cancer.

What does the “8-week Go-Keto Challenge” entail?

Measure results to maximize your success

When you participate in the 8 week challenge, you will receive The On Call GK Dual meter. This meter measures the blood sugar Glucose and Ketones within 10 seconds with just a little bit of blood. The device is ISO 15197 certified and thus ensures reliable and – clinically proven – accurate results. It is important to have your ketosis under control so that you know that you are taking on this challenge in a healthy way.

Measuring is knowing. How do you know if everything is going well? It is important to measure your ketosis so that you know that you are taking on this challenge in a healthy way. That is why every Go-Keto participant receives the OnCall Go-Keto Dual meter. With just a small drop of blood, the Go-Keto meter measures your blood sugar glucose and ketones within 10 seconds. The device is ISO 15197 certified and thus ensures reliable and – clinically proven – accurate results.

Personal guidance by certified Go-Keto coaches

We believe that no body is the same. In addition to measuring progress, we also find it important that you can do something with that information.

During the “8 Weeks Challenge” you will be personally guided by certified Go-Keto coaches.

Together you look at the interim results and the measurements taken. Where necessary, your trajectory can be adjusted so that you enjoy the best results.

Healthier habits that lead to better health

We know that making major changes to your eating habits can be challenging; sometimes even a little scary.

That is why we have made our Go-Keto program simple and fun with delicious menus and recipes and practical tips that will make your life as easy as possible.

No top chef cooking skills required. Just follow our recipes and you are guaranteed on the right track to a healthier, more beautiful body.

Access to the Go-Keto community

It is easier to achieve your goals with the help and support of others. That is why you will be accompanied by our Go-Keto community during the 90-day Keto Challenge.

Together you share your progress and challenges with others during the Facebook Lives and in the private Facebook group. Our community motto: “You don’t do Go-Keto alone, but together!”

Personal intake interview
We start with a personal intake interview of approximately 30 minutes. During this intake interview you will meet Health Coach Nathalie Nordemann, who will guide you during the 8 week challenge.
Access to the Go-Keto community
You get access to the Private GO-Keto Community. Women and men from all over the Netherlands take part in this challenge with you. In this group you can share your successes and challenges, find a buddy, motivate and inspire each other.
Webinars with experts
During the first month, a webinar takes place every week to familiarize you with the ketogenic world. In the following months there is a webinar every two weeks.
A Facebook Live every week
Every week there will be an FB live with Nathalie Nordemann. During this FB live you can ask all the questions you have about your ketogenic adventure. Increase your knowledge by listening to the questions and answers of others.
Tasty Recipes
We also help you with tasty Go-Keto recipes during the challenge. A diet does not have to be canceled.
Measurable result
You will also receive Your own Go-Keto Glucose and Ketone meter, a Go-Keto recipe book and a product overview / Shopping list

Do you also think it’s time for a healthy, energetic and targeted lifestyle change?
Make 2020 the year in which you regain full control of your body!

Start now with your 8-week challenge!

Personal intake interview (30 minutes) with our certified Go-Keto coach.

Worth €75

Personal evaluation after 4 weeks to support you and keep you on the right track


Worth €50

Personal end evaluation (30 minutes) with our certified Go-Keto coach.

Worth €50

5 webinars full of information that will show you the world of a ketogenic lifestyle.


Worth €750

3 webinars with experts from the medical and fitness world full of tips for your ketogenic journey.


Worth €450

Lifetime access to the Private GO-Keto Community. So you are not alone. Women and men from all over the world participate in this challenge. In this group you can share your successes and challenges, find a buddy, motivate and inspire each other.

Worth €465

Weekly FB live with certified Go-Keto coaches. Ask your burning questions during this 30-minute coaching session about your Ketogenic journey and increase your knowledge by listening to the questions and answers from others.

Worth €850

Your own Go-Keto Glucose and Ketone meter with sufficient test trips to measure both your blood sugar level and your ketones during the entire challenge.

Worth €300

As a bonus you get:

GO-Keto recipe book

Worth €40

Products overview / Shopping list

Worth €10

Alle audio opnames van de FB lives

Worth €400

Transcripts of all Training videos

Worth €200

The total value is € 3,307

Normally we offer this for € 800,-

Now temporarily for € 427,30,-

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The information in this program is not intended to replace the 1-to-1 relationship with a qualified doctor or other healthcare professional and does not replace medical advice. and that of the experts from the GO-Keto team. We encourage you to make your own health decisions based on your own research and in collaboration with your own doctor or other healthcare professional.

If you have high blood pressure, heart problems or if you ever experienced pain in your chest when exercising, consult a doctor first. Do not start the Go-Keto challenge if your doctor or health care professional advises against this.

The knowledge and science in the field of fitness and nutrition is developing rapidly. We strive to share the most recent information on this site with you, but cannot guarantee this. The use of information on this website and in’s ebooks, programs and courses is at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

See if the program is for you!

How much weight do I lose in the 8-week program?
Of course everyone is unique, which means that the results can differ per person.
Why is the program 8 weeks long?
With the Go-Keto program, we promise more than just fast results. We strive to offer you a new, healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, 8 weeks gives you all the time to endure the first pains in the diet, such as sugar abstinence and hunger, and to fully experience all the benefits of the Keto diet.
What if I experience unwanted side effects?
The Go-Keto program develops around measuring your health efficiently, minimizing unpleasant surprises. If you do experience some trouble, our professionals are there to provide you with clarity and advice on how to deal with this. You can also share your experiences with the Go-Keto community, which can always give you tips on how they have overcome their obstacles.
Will I get my money back if I see no change?
If you can prove that you have done everything according to good guidelines, and there is no improvement, you will of course get your money back.
I live with a (chronic) disease. Is this program suitable for me?
The Keto diet has proven to help many people who suffer from various ailments. Before you participate in this diet, contact your healthcare provider if / or this is the right approach for you.
Is the ketogenic diet healthy?
While following a ketogenic diet, you eat fewer carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are substances that your body converts into sugars. They cause peaks and troughs in your blood sugar level, cause organs to work less well and make you fat. Carbohydrates are bad for your body. They make you sick. If you eat less carbohydrates, you will not only lose weight. Reduce physical complaints and your body becomes healthier. Eating less carbohydrates is good for you.
Is it a group program?
It is of course true that you are the person who has to do it, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone. You get access to the Private GO-Keto Community. That way you can share your challenges, find a buddy, motivate and inspire each other.

Start with the Go-Keto Challenge!

If you have any questions about the program, device, recipes or other things related to ketogenic diet, please contact us!

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