Swiss Point Of Care

Swiss Point of Care is a fast growing, purpose driven company aiming to make a positive impact by helping people to improve their metabolic health.
Mission: “To empower individuals to take control of their health journey. With over 25 years of expertise in Health and Nutrition, we’re committed to combatting ill health and chronic diseases. We provide enlightening insights through advanced measuring devices and reignite wellness with our proven metabolic keto program and supplements. We believe everyone can lead a life of good health and stand ready to offer guidance.”
Swiss Point of Care offers a wide range of high quality point of care medical devices and selftests:
– Cholesterol
– Hemoglobine
– Glucose & Ketone
– Coagulation
– Urinalysis
– Drug, Alcohol, Allergies

– Veterinary Diagnostics


Your One Stop Keto Shop, the ultimate online destination for all your ketogenic lifestyle needs in Europe! Whether you’re a newbie looking to kickstart your keto journey or a seasoned pro searching for the latest and greatest keto products, we’ve got you covered. We make keto accessible to everyone who wants to embrace a less sugar lifestyle.

Whether it is for medical reasons, sustainability, to improve sports performance, as a challenge, or to achieve a good balance between nutrition, mindset and sleep, Ketofitshop is there to support you. From snacks, MCT oil, supplements to keto meters and books about ketofood & lifestyle, we have it. And if we don’t have it, we will get it.


Polyphine® is a unique blend of French grape extract with Resveratrol and OPCs that delivers scientifically proven benefits to cardiovascular health .


Its mission is to connect the science behind the ketogenic diet and metabolic therapy with practitioners, chefs and ketonians worldwide to help people make informed decisions about their health and dietary lifestyle.

Ketogenic Institute Netherlands

The platform for lifestyle programs, coaching and training in ketogenic metabolic therapy and lifestyle Metabolic health is the basis for all health
Courses are all-in Dutch
– Ketogenic Therapy (Opleiding Ketogene Therapie)
Looking for reliable and science-based information? Are you a therapist, dietitian, physician or nurse and want to work with a ketogenic nutrition plan as an intervention in practice? Then this course is right for you.
-Ketogenic Nutrition and Lifestyle Course (Opleiding Ketogene Voeding en Leefstijl)
Are you a weight consultant, lifestyle coach, personal trainer or other health coach? Learn the basics of a ketogenic lifestyle in the course Ketogenic Nutrition and Lifestyle. Also suitable for experienced keto practitioners.
-Keto Lifestyle Program
Getting started yourself? Take back your health and vitality, start your ketogenic lifestyle now. Everything you need to make a healthy ketogenic lifestyle for yourself and your family to a success.