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If you want to boost your energy and encourage the production of ketones, drinks can be a great help. Hot or cold keto drinks are a great way to support your keto lifestyle and supply your body with the nutrients it needs.

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If you want to boost your energy and encourage the production of ketones, drinks can be a great help. Hot or cold keto drinks are a great way to support your keto lifestyle and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. And of course, you can order them at Go-Keto.

What shall we drink? A guide to keto-friendly beverages

The keto diet isn’t only about low-carb foods, it’s just as much about low-carb drinks. So, in order to make your keto diet successful, it’s important to know what you should pay attention to when it comes to drinks on the keto diet.

What drinks are keto-friendly, and which are better to avoid? When starting a keto diet, you might not know exactly what to drink and what to avoid, but don’t worry: it’s quite simple. In this article we’ll guide you through all you need to know about drinks and the ketogenic diet.

In this article:

  • Water wins on the keto diet
  • 7x keto-friendly drinks
  • What drinks should I avoid?
  • From keto drinks to coke: an overview of carbs
  • 5 things to know about electrolyte drinks

Water wins on the keto diet

You can’t go wrong with water. That’s especially true if you’re on keto. It’s the simplest option, but it’s truly the best one. Whether you prefer it still, sparkling or with ice, water is always a good option.

This is why water is the ultimate thirst quencher:

  • It has no carbs
  • It has no calories
  • There is no preparation needed

By adding a little bit of salt to your glass of water, it can also help you minimize any symptoms of the keto flu, such as headache or fatigue, which often occur at the beginning of a keto diet.

For extra refreshment, you can add fresh mint or a slice of lime or lemon to your water.

7x keto-friendly drinks

Although water is your go-to drink if you’re on a keto diet, there are other options as well if you want some more flavor. Below you’ll find 7 keto-friendly beverages, so that you always have something to choose, whatever the occasion.

  1. Tea

Next to water, tea is one of the best drinking options on a keto diet. Preferably choose pure green, black, white or herbal tea, as they are 100% natural and no fruit, sweeteners or artificial flavors are added. Tea contains no carbs and is full of antioxidants. Some herbal teas have extra benefits: chamomile tea for instance has calming effects and ginger tea can be effective at relieving nausea.

  1. Coffee

Another safe and popular option among ketonians is coffee. Whether you drink it hot or iced, you can enjoy your coffee at any moment of the day. As its caffeine may boost your energy levels, it’s best not to drink it in the evening, though, if you want a good night’s sleep.

If you’re used to drinking coffee with milk and sugar, you’ll want to change your routine a bit. Instead of cow’s milk, choose either full-fat cream (delicious!) or an unsweetened, plant-based alternative like almond milk, flaxseed milk or macadamia nut milk. Sugar can easily be replaced by the carb free sweeteners Erythritol or Stevia. You can even go for a real keto coffee, also known as ‘bulletproof coffee’, if you’re looking for an extra adventurous coffee boost.

  1. Vegetable juice

There are some vegetable juices that are low in carbs and thus are suitable to be included on the keto diet. Great options are for instance juices made from celery, cucumber or spinach. However, remember that you’ll lose most of the nutritional value by juicing vegetables, unless you choose to drink the pulp as well.

  1. Plant-based milk

A lot of people wonder if you can drink cow’s milk on a keto diet. Well, we can be clear about that: cow’s milk is not suitable for the keto diet. But no worries, there are great plant-based milk alternatives that are definitely keto-friendly.

Some of the best options are macadamia nut milk, flaxseed milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. Another popular plant-based option is soy milk, but it is too high in carbs; plus using it can be questionable since there is a certain risk that it contains gmo-soy. Oat milk and rice milk are also widely available, but these too are far too high in carbs for low-carb and keto.

  1. Electrolyte drinks

Electrolyte drinks contain water and electrolytes, which is just another word for minerals. Electrolyte drinks are perfect to support your keto lifestyle, as they keep you hydrated and help maintain a good electrolyte balance in your body. You can order electrolyte drinks at Go-Keto in the three wonderful flavors Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, Lemon Lime and Black Cherry.

Keto-friendly smoothies

As smoothies usually contain a lot of fruit, you’ll want to avoid them if you’re on keto. Yet, there are ways to include smoothies in your keto diet. Using only a little bit of keto-friendly fruits, like (frozen) strawberries or blackberries and adding healthy ingredients like avocado, cream, almond milk some erythritol or stevia will do the magic!
Tip: enrich your smoothie with a dash of our delicious Go-Keto MCT Oil Shape or Brain, to boost flavour and add some ketone energy!


The ultimate keto-friendly drink is water. Other good options are tea, coffee and electrolyte drinks and even some vegetable juices and smoothies can fit into your keto lifestyle.

What drinks should I avoid?

Being on keto, you’re probably focused on the carbs in the foods that you eat. However, it’s just as important to pay attention to what you drink! Lots of drinks are stuffed with calories and sugar, so drinking the right beverages could make the difference in making your keto diet a success. Avoiding the following beverages will help you along:

  1. Soft drinks & sodas

It’s never a good idea to drink a sugary soft drink on a keto diet. Remember that a large bottle of soft drink (1 liter) contains more carbs than an entire week’s keto allowance!

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that many soft drinks contain high amounts of phosphates. A high consumption of these increases the risk of a magnesium deficiency. Phosphate attaches itself to the magnesium in your body, making it much harder to absorb. And as we’ve seen, you need magnesium to keep hydrated – especially on keto!

2. Diet drinks

Although diet sodas have become very popular over the past years, you should watch out with them. They often contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol or acesulfame K, which are better avoided. They can have a negative impact on your metabolism and digestion. Plus, for some of these chemical sweeteners, some serious health and safety concerns have been raised. It’s always better to choose products sweetened with natural sweeteners, Erythritol and Stevia.

3. Cow‘s milk

Cow‘s milk is not keto-friendly, because it contains high amounts of sugar in the form of lactose as well as protein. Although it might be suitable for a low carb or gluten free diet, it’s not suitable for the traditional keto lifestyle. Instead, plant-based milks like almond, coconut, flaxseed or macadamia nut milk are better options.

3. Milkshakes/smoothies

Most smoothies milkshakes are high in carbs, due to the amounts and sorts of fruit in them and sometimes they even contain added sugar, especially the commercial ready-made smoothies you can buy in the supermarket. Milkshakes are even worse.

However, by making some modifications, you can still enjoy smoothies if you’re on keto. To be able to do so, make sure you use low carb fruits like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries and use ingredients like avocado, peanut butter and plant-based milks to complete your smoothie. Again: try adding some delicious Go-Keto MCT Oil Shape or Brain!

4. Fruit juice

Fruit juices are typically loaded with sugar and unlike smoothies, there’s really nothing you can do to make a fruit juice low carb, so these are simply inappropriate for the keto diet.

5. Beer

Although some ketonians allow themselves a (very) moderate consumption of specific, relatively low-carb alcoholic beverages like wine, whiskey, vodka, gin or tequila, beer is a beverage you do want to avoid as it is basically liquid bread that is packed with carbs.

6. Energy drinks

Like most soft drinks, the usual energy drinks are loaded with sugar, so you’ll want to avoid them. If you do want to drink an energy drink occasionally, you’ll want to look for sugar-free energy drinks. However, the artificial sweeteners in these drinks aren’t great either, so if you really want to make the right choice, check the label and go for the energy drinks that are sweetened with a keto-friendly sweetener like Stevia.


Soft drinks, cow’s milk, smoothies, beer and energy drinks are beverages to avoid on a keto diet. Fortunately, they all have keto-friendly varieties.

From keto drinks to coke: an overview of carbs

By now you’ve learned which drinks are best and which are worst if you’re on a keto diet and that with some drinks, things are a bit more complex. To make things easier for you, we’ve made a visual overview of different beverages and the amount of carbs they contain, to guide you through your options.


Serving size 


Water (with lemon) 

250 ml 

0 grams 


250 ml 

0 grams 


150 ml 

0 grams 

Diet soda* 

330 ml 

0 grams 

Wine (red) 

150 ml 

4 grams 

Plant-based milk** 

200 ml 

2 grams 

Cow’s milk 

200 ml 

10 grams 

Vegetable juice 

300 ml 

11 grams 


330 ml 

13 grams 

Caffè latte 

330 ml 

15 grams 

Energy drink 

250 ml 

28 grams 

Soft drink 

330 ml 

39 grams 


300 ml 

36 grams 


330 ml 

50 grams 


300 ml 

60 grams 

*Although this drink contains no sugars, artificial sweeteners can cause other problems, so make sure you go for an option that’s sweetened with Stevia. 

** Unsweetened varieties of almond milk and coconut milk. 


It’s important to not only watch what you’re eating on a keto diet, but also to be mindful of what you’re drinking. Choosing healthy, keto-friendly beverages can make a huge difference in how successful your keto adventure will be. 

Drinking lots of water is important to keep you hydrated, just as keeping your electrolytes in balance. Besides water, tea, coffee and unsweetened, plant-based milk varieties, electrolyte drinks are a crucial aspect of the keto diet to keep you in good health, so make sure you drink enough of the right stuff. Cheers, to upcoming keto adventures!