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The cookies, cakes and breads that you buy in the supermaket are full of sugar, gluten, and unhealthy fats. Why not start baking your own lowcarb keto cake or lowcarb keto cookies? With the right keto baking goods, it’s super easy to make your own low-carb, glutenfree bread, cookies and sweet or savoury pastry.

What you need for Baking?

You want it low-carb, keto and glutenfree? You want vegan? You want organic? No problem! The Go-Keto baking ingredients and mixes are your best choice. Get inspired by our many keto, lowcarb recipies. Start baking now. It is fun and has never been easier.

Baking Ingredients

Discover our premium ingredients: almond flour, coconut flour, psylium husk, organic ghee. And with a little erythritol you can add some sweetness without worring about your blood sugar.
That’s keto made easy!
You want bread also? Try our delicious glutenfree Bread Mixes.

Bio Almond

Bio Coconut

Bio Psyllium



Walnut breadmix

Farmers breadmix

Brown breadmix

Discover Go-Keto Baking

Choose from 3 keto breadmixes: low-carb, glutenfree, keto-friendly and vegan: Farmers bread, Brown bread and our latest Walnut Bread. Just add water and put it in the oven! For glutenfree, lowcarb keto baking there is organic almond flour, organic coconut flour and organic psylium husk. Different glutenfree zero keto carb sweeteners, like organic and conventional Erythritol or the Erythritol-Stevia mix for more sweetenes and good taste. For baking and cooking Organic Ghee from grass fed cows comes in 2 sizes.


With the right keto baking goods, it’s easy to make your own low-carb, gluten free bread, cookies and sweet or savoury pastry.  Discover our Bread Mixes and other premium ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, bio ghee and natural erythritol for sweetening.  Go-Keto is the place for all your low-carb and keto-friendly, vegan and gluten free baking goods!  

Everything you need to know for keto baking 

Keeping carb count low doesn’t mean low-carb and keto bakes aren’t sweet or satisfying. Once you get the hang of it, baking tasty low-carb pastries is not difficult at all! As you must skip the wheat and sugar, you need to rethink how you bake. But once you do this, you will discover a whole new way of guilt free baking that’s delicious, healthy and gluten free, giving your body the nutrients it needs. 

Discover the best ingredients for low-carb and keto bakes – with many vegan and bio options – find out tips to make sure your keto baking goods will be the best in town and try some great keto baking recipes that are easy to get started with.  

In this article: 

  • Keto baking: the basics explained 
  • The best ingredients for successful keto baking 
  • What’s the best keto sweetener? 
  • 4 keto baking secrets revealed 
  • 3 easy baking recipes you can’t go wrong with 


Low Carb and Keto baking: the basics explained 

Keto baking can be key for you to be able to stick with your healthy, low-carb lifestyle. It liberates you from feeling deprived, because you can keep enjoying all your favourite sweet and savoury pastry.  

To keep your keto bakes aligned with the keto lifestyle, you need to make sure they’re very low in carbs. Typically, you need to swap 3 main ingredients to be able to do this: 

  • sugar 
  • wheat flour 
  • yeast 

All three are too high in carbs for a low-carb or keto diet. But hey, you’ve got great alternatives to turn to! 

You can start with these alternatives for wheat flour. One of the best aspects of low-carb, keto baking is that you use only types of flour that are naturally GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN.  

  • (Bio) Almond flour  
  • (Bio) Coconut flour 

The best carb-free keto alternatives for sugar are: 

  • Erythritol-based sweeteners 
  • Stevia-based sweeteners 

And instead of yeast, you can use: 

  • Baking powder 
  • Eggs 

There are some more ingredients that you’ll need for successful keto baking. We’ll discuss them all below, these alternatives for wheat and sugar. 

The best ingredients for successful keto baking 

Once you know which ingredients you need, it’s just a matter of collecting and stocking them. This way you’ll always have the right stuff at home for those moments you want to start baking some lovely keto foods. From gluten-free and vegan to low-sugar: it’s all possible! Check out this list of basic ingredients and add your favourites to your shopping list! 

Almond flour 

Probably the most popular and common keto flour. It has a finer milling that almond meal and it’s great for crusts, pancakes and cookies. 

Coconut flour 

Coconut flour is 100% dried and ground coconut meat. As it is quite dense, you’ll only need about ⅓ for every cup of wheat flour. You can make nice and fudgy brownies, cakes, pies and cheesecake with it. 

Keto-friendly sweetener 

Keto-friendly sweeteners contain no carbs and calories but have a great sweet taste, which makes them the perfect sugar substitute. Some examples of great keto sweeteners are stevia and (bio) erythritol. 


Ghee is an organic, dairy-free and lactose-free alternative for butter or oil. It’s a very purified form of clarified butter and is a versatile natural fat that can be used for cooking and baking. By using ghee keto bakes will get a much nuttier flavour. 

Chia seeds 

You can ground chia seeds at home or buy ground chia seeds. They provide a ton of nutrients and can be mixed into baked goods like muffins and bread. Do you want to bake something vegan? 1 teaspoon of chia seeds and 2,5 teaspoon of water can serve as an egg substitute! 

Flax seed 

Flax seed is great to use as a ground meal in keto batters and doughs. As flax seed flour is a bit oily, you might want to use al little less oil or butter in the recipe than you normally would. 

Psyllium husk 

If you’re new to keto and low-carb baking, this typical keto ingredient may also be new to you. Psyllium husk is a natural, plant-based fibre that’s often used medically to aid digestion. For low-carb, keto and gluten free baking, psyllium husk powder is great to replace gluten, which are only found in wheat and some related grains. Gluten give dough coherence and elasticity, so you need to replace them. Psyllium can do this. By adding a little of it to your doughs and batters, you prevent your bakes from crumbling to dust in the oven.   


The most important keto baking goods are almond flour or coconut flour, keto-friendly sweeteners like erythritol and stevia, to replace high carb wheat flour and sugar in your baking recipes. 

What’s the best keto sweetener? 

If you’re on a keto diet, you want to reach the metabolic state of ketosis. To get there or to stay there, it’s important to avoid carbs as much as possible and eliminate your sugar consumption. Luckily there are great tasting carb free sweeteners that you can use instead: here are your best picks! There are also some you’d rather want to avoid, see the list below. 

  1. Erythritol sweetener

Erythritol is a naturally occurring type of sugar alcohol that stimulates your sweet taste receptors. Although it has 80% of the sweetness of table sugar, it contains none of the calories and none of the carbs. It’s great both for baking and for cooking. 

  1. Stevia

Stevia is a natural sweetener and it contains little to no calories or carbs. It’s available in liquid or powdered form and it’s much sweetener than regular sugar. 

List of sugars you want to avoid 

  • Coconut sugar 
  • Maple syrup 
  • Honey 
  • Maltodextrin 
  • Dates 


4 keto baking secrets revealed 

Whether you are a seasoned baker or never picked up an item from the baking aisle before, you’ll probably like some of the keto baking secrets we share with you in this section. Keto baking can be a bit trickier, as it’s for instance more challenging to achieve a chewy or crispy texture. With some creativity, experience and the right tips, you’ll get there!  

Keep these baking secrets for yourself (or share them with the rest of the world): 

Secret #1 

Especially in the beginning of your baking adventure, stick to keto recipes, instead of converting high carb recipes, so you have much more chance to succeed. 

Secret #2 

Choose the right keto flour substitute. Almond flour is the easiest to work with and can replace wheat in a 1:1 ratio. However, remember that it behaves a bit differently as it has no gluten. Keto bakes with almond flour will be denser and flatter. 

Secret #3 

Invest in a good kitchen scale. This way you make sure you are measuring ingredients correctly. It can be the difference between success or failure. 

Secret #4 

Experiment freely with different flavours and textures, to develop your own taste. Use for instance nut butter, seeds and spices to create your own tasty combinations. 


The best keto sweeteners are low in carbs and calories and have a great sweet taste, like stevia or erythritol. If you start baking, make sure you stick to the recipes, measure well, use the right flour and experiment to develop your taste. 

3 easy baking recipes to be the best me. 

After reading this guide to keto baking, you’re ready now to get started! On our website you can find some great keto recipes that are easy to make, glutenfree, keto-friendly and have a great taste. Check out these recipes here 

If you have trouble choosing, you can also simply go to the recipes below. We’ve added three of the easiest, tastiest recipes you can’t go wrong with here, so you don’t have to look for the perfect recipe yourself. 

Enjoy baking! 

Recipe 1 | Hazelnut cake with chocolate buttercream 

Recipe 2 | Keto truffles 

Recipe 3 | Keto cheesecake