I founded Go-Keto in 2012, when I came across the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet as a metabolic therapy. From the first, I was impressed by the immense body of scientific evidence supporting the many benefits of the keto diet.  

It’s an incredibly effective way to achieve long-term weight loss, better performance and better health and wellbeing.  
You may be a woman in your prime, finally on your way to regaining that trim body you had before your family and career got in the way. You may be an athlete exploring a new way to boost your performance and muscle tone. You may be at that age when taking care of yourself and keeping in shape becomes more of a priority. The keto lifestyle will help you to feel great and prevent all sorts of health issues.

My team and I are here for you 
We know the challenges that beginners and advanced ketonians face, from getting your daily routine and diet in sync, to simply hanging in there in the long run. We’ve been there. 

And that’s where Go-Keto can help  
We’ll help you any way we can. With practical tips and solutions to problems you may come across. With our best recipes for delicious meals and snacks. We also have a great set of supplements and foods that help you get into ketosis and stay there.  

We’re here to make your keto journey easy, healthy and fun. 

With Go-Keto, you don’t go alone! 

be the best me. 

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