Grapes are known as a healthy fruit, which belongs to the category: berry fruit. This fruit comes from the vine. The vine is a creeper, which needs support, otherwise it will grow in a crooked form. 

The origin of the Grape
The grape has been used and eaten for centuries. The grape originates from a country called ancient Persia called Mesopotamia. Excavations were done here, where jugs were dug on. These excavations have led to the fact that the people in time 5000 BC. ate grapes. She used the jugs for wine. Further discoveries show that these excavations have been part of the use of grape growing. The grape spread through the trade with neighboring countries. Nowadays the grape is eaten worldwide and they mainly occur in countries around the Mediterranean and South America. The main countries are France, Greece Italy, Spain and Turkey. Almost 10% of the fruit import consists of Grapes in the Netherlands. As the most eaten fruit in the Netherlands, the grape takes a 6th place, but the grape starts to increase in popularity. This has to do with the healthy effect on our body, especially our heart. The grape is used for consumption, ingredient for wine and various types of drinks / juices, medicines, supplements, raisins and oil. 

Grapes for a healing effect and preventive health 

The grape contains good minerals which is good for our body. Grapes have vitamin C, potassium and various dietary fibers. In grapes there is also resveratrol, which is known as a cancer control agent. This product is therefore also offered as a supplement, with the explicit use of grapes. In case of chemotherapy, resveratrol supplements are usually also given against the control of the disease. The resveratrol protects your body against the radiation of cancer. During the process it can provide protection, but also as a preventive tool. 

In addition to cancer, grapes also protects you against diabetes. Various studies have shown that eating grapes can reduce sugar blood levels. These studies also revealed that it also offers protection against nerve damage and the improvement of the retina. The damage to your nerves or retina is also the cause of diabetes. 

In addition to cancer and diabetes, the grape offers a solution for reducing allergic problems. There is quercetin in grapes, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. This allows it to fight runny nose, burning eyes and hives. Also, eating grapes helps prevent various ailments. Here you can think of Alzheimer’s and various kidney disorders. In Alzheimer’s the free radicals in the brain are the cause of this disease, resvetatrol in grapes clears free radicals. In grape diseases, grapes can reduce the grape. The acidity of the grape can reduce and remove the uric acid. 

Grapes for improved health
Besides the reduction and preventive protection of various diseases, the grape also has the positive effect with regard to improvement. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. To properly protect this you have to take good care of your skin. Eating grapes can offer a solution. Grapes improve the health of your skin. In grapes is vitamin C. Vitamin C is known as a vitamin that is good for your skin. It helps you to prevent aging of your skin. Besides the food you can spread the flesh of the grape on your skin. When this moves in for half an hour, it reduces your wrinkles. 

In addition to improving your skin, grapes also have a positive effect on improving your heart. There is a high concentration of polyphenols in grapes: 

The Polyphenols ensure that your blood pressure drops. This can prevent cardiovascular disease. Polyphenol also contributes to the broadening of your blood vessels. Scientists have discovered that the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced by ingesting potassium. In addition to the polyphenols that lower blood pressure and broaden your blood vessels, the grape has a high concentration of potassium. From a study that has taken place to reduce myocardial infarctions and cardiovascular diseases, they have discovered that a heart disease can be reduced by almost 50% when someone gets 4000 mg a day. Besides that the polyphenols lower your blood pressure, the platelets are also reduced. This ensures that the chances of blood clot are reduced. 

Different types of grapes
Today many products are processed with grapes. This, of course, because of the healing powers that grapes possess. The best-known example is grape juice. Grape juice is known as a juice that is used against migraines. In the past, people drank with the idea that migraines can be controlled with grape juice. In addition, grapes are processed when making medicines and supplements. Known supplements such as the Polyphine HEART and Polyphine JOINTS work specifically with grapes using the polyphenol found in grapes. The supplements serve to support with healing effect on the body. 

Although the grape can be seen as a preventive agent, it is important to know what types of grapes you eat. For example, it is recommended to eat especially the organic grape, because it is free from the agricultural poison, which is used to grow the grape. If you do not eat organic grapes, it is important that you first thoroughly wash the grape before you eat them. In addition to washing the grapes, there are also a number of different grapes. So you probably know the familiar white / green grape and the blue grape, but what is the difference between them? 

Blue grapes
The blue grape also known as the dark grape (Black grape). Wine is often made from the blue grape, but gets a dark red color. Hence the nickname red wine. The darker the grape, the sweeter the grape. That is why the blue grape is the sweetest of the three grapes. The Blue grape contains phytochemical. This antioxidant helps with the sealing of veins in the body. Grapes also have a major influence on the vitamin K deficiency in our bodies. They can supplement this correctly. 

Red Grapes
Although the red grape does not often differ in terms of sweetness compared to the blue grape, they both give a lot of energy. This is of course good for sports. The question is often asked which grape color is the healthiest. This of course differs per color. In the dark grapes is vitamin C. Now there is not a lot of vitamin C in grapes, but more antioxidants that fight the free radicals in the body. These antioxidants are stronger than the Vitamin C and Vitamin A together. That is why it is recommended against heart and vascular diseases to eat the dark grape. 

Green/white Grapes
White grapes or green grapes get its name from the color of the fruit. The basic color of the white grape is green, but often has no color. That is why the grape is called the ‘white grape’. The white / green grape is the least sweet of the three. The white grape is often made to make wine. Hence the nickname of the ‘white wine’. The white grapes help you to speed up your metabolism. In the overview table you can see how many calories and minerals are in the white / green grape. 

Unit per 100g  Blue Grape  White Grape  Red Grape 
Energy  Kcal  53  57  78 
Energy  KJ  224  242  331 
Water  g  85,2  84,5  80 
Protein  g  0,9  0,5  1 
Carbohydrates  g  11,5  13,5  16,8 
Sugars  g  11,0  13,3  11,5 
Fat  g  0,1  0,0  0,2 
Saturated  g  0,0  0,0  0,1 
E.o.v.  g  0,0  0,0  0,0 
M.o.v.  g  0,0  0,0  0,1 
Cholest.  mg  0,0  0,0  0,0 
Fibers  mg  1,3  0,5  1,8 
Vitamin A  mg  0,01  0,01   
Vitamin B1  mg  0,03  0,04  0,04 
Vitamin B2  mg  0,02  0,02  0,02 
Vitamin B6  mg  0,10  0,10  0,10 
Vitamin B11  µg  1  1   
Vitamin B12  µg  0,00  0,0  0,0 
Vitamin C  mg  2,5  2,0  2,0 
Vitamin D  µg  0,0  0,0  0,0 
Vitamin E  µg      0,03
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