Keto and coffee… a powerful combination

A cup of coffee fits perfectly within a ketogenic diet. Based on a mug with 250 ml capacity, you are down to about 2 kcal, 0 grams of fat and 0.2 grams of carbohydrates. These nutritional values are negligible and will not endanger your ketosis. 

However, if you add sugar, milk or honey, then it’s a whole different story. Do you really not like black coffee without sugar and/or do you want a real boost from your “cup of comfort”? Then switch to keto coffee! An excellent and tasty alternative that also supports your ketosis. 

Morning coffee for your keto diet

To boost your fat burning and wake you up mentally, add some keto friendly ingredients to your morning coffee. You can use ghee, grass-fed butter or cream butter. You can also add MCT oil or coconut oil. It’s just what you like. 

And if you really can’t do without a sweet taste, you could also add a sweetener (stevia) or some cinnamon. Mixing these additives into your morning coffee will create a bulletproof coffee that will get your body ready for the day. 

Benefits of keto coffee

By starting your day with a cup of bulletproof coffee, you’ll find that not only do you feel refreshed and energised, you’ll also be less likely to get hungry or cravings. Because your body can benefit from burning fats, a morning coffee with extra fats is also an excellent start to your eating period if you are doing intermittent fasting. 

You give yourself a real kick-start with this. You can also use this mix at the start of your fasting period. Precisely because it gives you such a nice feeling of satisfaction. 

How to make keto coffee

First, you have to take into account that tastes differ. So what may be the ideal ratio of ingredients for one person may be too strong or too weak for another. It is also possible that you have to get used to the taste or that you want to add an extra component for a little extra flavour. Be that as it may, below are the basic ingredients for keto coffee: 

  • 250 ml freshly brewed black (espresso) coffee 
  • 1 tablespoon of butter or grass-fed butter 
  • 1 tablespoon of MCT oil or coconut oil 
  • Possibly Stevia or cinnamon to taste 

These ingredients are mixed well together in a blender. You can also use an (electric) hand whisk or hand blender, but a blender works better. The coffee substance then becomes just a little fluffier and creamier. Drink it nice and warm and your day can get off to a flying start with bulletproof coffee. 

Considerations for keto coffee

Although it’s a wonderful start to your day, and you can of course enjoy your cup of keto coffee throughout the day, there are a few things you should bear in mind. 

Especially if you follow a keto lifestyle you have to be extra vigilant about your intake of vitamins and minerals. And let’s be honest, bulletproof coffee is a quick kick-starter that will benefit you for a long time but there are of course not many vitamins and minerals in keto coffee. 

Bulletproof coffee is not a miracle drink

Don’t think that you have a magic energy drink or that you will miraculously lose weight if you add butter and oil to your morning coffee. 

Bulletproof coffee really only fits into a keto diet because it stimulates your body to produce the ketones you need for energy. So keep a close eye on your ketosis and check it regularly. 

Keto coffee contains calories

Since keto coffee is particularly suitable for maintaining ketosis, it is only logical that this drink contains virtually no carbohydrates. However, this does not mean that it contains no calories either. And although this energy comes from fats, you certainly shouldn’t drink keto coffee all day long. 

That’s because per cup you’ll quickly reach +200 kcal. At least, that’s assuming one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of MCT or coconut oil. Roughly speaking, each tablespoon contains 110 kcal. Of course, this also depends a little on the size of the spoon. 

Ketogenic diet with keto coffee

Although a keto diet doesn’t require you to watch your calorie intake very closely, it’s not meant to be a total binge. And you certainly shouldn’t spend most of the day guzzling down keto coffee just because you like it or because it makes it easy to get your fat intake. 

To integrate keto into your life in a healthy way you have to make sure that you eat a varied and healthy diet. Keto coffee is therefore best seen as an extra to start the day with or to get an extra boost halfway through the day. When you are in an energy dip. When you need a boost mentally or physically. 

Instant keto coffee

If you find making bulletproof coffee too much work or if you have little time, instant keto coffee is an excellent alternative. This keto coffee in powder form contains MCT oil powder and instant coffee. 

You simply add hot water, stir well and you have a delicious cup of comfort that supports your fat burning. The instant keto coffee is even available in different flavours. Delicious for a change. 

Curious? Then take a look at our keto coffees: 

Facts about keto coffee

Just because tastes differ, everyone has their own way of making the ultimate keto coffee and people have different reasons for being a fan of keto coffee, here are a few facts about bulletproof coffee. Did you know… 

  • Many intermittent fasters drink keto coffee before their fast. This is because the feeling of hunger does not last long after drinking keto coffee. 
  • Caffeine in itself also has a stimulating effect on your metabolism 
  • There is (and has been) little research into the effect of keto coffee. Everybody will react differently to this boost. It is important that you keep a close eye on your own body and monitor it if you drink keto coffee regularly. 
  • The name bulletproof coffee was coined by Dave Asprey and is named after his company Bulletproof 360, inc. 
  • You can add spices like turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon and raw cacao powder to your keto coffee for variety, extra flavour but also for extra antioxidants 
  • The positive effects of keto coffee are increased when you drink it on an empty stomach. 

Whichever way you look at it, and whether you call it keto coffee or bulletproof coffee, it is the ultimate kickstarter for people on a ketogenic diet who want to support their ketosis.