Written by keto expert Lotte Damen from Myndfuel 

Ketogenic lifestyle has gained a lot of popularity in 2019. In 2020 you will only hear more about it and that has its reasons! From increased energy levels, improved sports performance, reduced hunger, more mental clarity, lasting weight loss and lower blood sugar levels: all health effects that followers experience and share en masse on the internet. These benefits of a ketogenic diet occur when you reduce your carbohydrate intake in such a way that your body switches to burning fat and produces ketones for energy. This process starts when there are hardly any carbohydrates left to burn for energy in your liver and muscles and your body starts looking for an alternative, namely fat. Once body fats are burned, the production of ketones starts and your body goes into a metabolic process called ketosis. Did you know that you can promote this process by using the right supplements such as MCT oil? 

The use of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil is known and popular among supporters of a ketogenic lifestyle. Especially when it comes to weight loss and increased energy levels, the use of MCT oil delivers great results. Your body can directly convert the medium chain fatty acids from MCT oil into energy in the form of ketones, which is not the case with long chain fatty acids that naturally occur in products such as grass-fed butter and olive oil. The ketones that are released are a great direct fuel for the brain and muscles. Ultimately, consuming MCT leads to higher energy consumption, more fat loss and improved body weight. In addition, MCT oil increases the release of saturation hormones, making you full faster. For example, taking 2 tablespoons of MCT oil before breakfast provides a higher feeling of satiety compared to taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. 


With all the promising health benefits, it goes without saying that you want to know how to properly implement MCT oil in your diet. An important fact is that MCTs can best be converted into energy when your daily carbohydrate intake is 50 grams or less and the oil is consumed separately from meals. But build this up slowly! Start by adding 1 teaspoon of MCT oil to your cup of coffee and build this up to 2 teaspoons after three days and 1 tablespoon after one week. When losing weight is your main goal, it is necessary to consume MCT oil as part of your total daily calorie and fat intake and not as a supplement. In addition to using it in coffee, you can add MCT oil to green smoothies, keto desserts, fat bombs and other hot drinks such as matcha latte or turmeric latte. The application possibilities are countless. 

You can buy MCT in powder form and in oil form. But which product do you buy? With an increase in popularity, the range of MCT products within the health market is also increasing. It can therefore be quite a challenge to find out which products are of high quality. The products of Go-Keto meet high quality standards. For example, the MCT oil contains no unnecessary artificial additives and is 100% sustainable obtained from coconuts and therefore not made from palm oil. 

So it comes down to MCT oil being very beneficial for health for various reasons, provided you invest in a high-quality product. Are you already using it?