Swiss Point Of Care develops organic, low-carb and suger free protein bars. 

Nutritional value 

The philosophy of both Swiss Point of Care and Ben Nordemann is focused on a healthy lifestyle. ‘I believe that it is important to use organic products. It is much better for nature and the environment because less pesticides and fertilizers are being used. Organic products also have much more flavour and nutritional value. ‘Research has shown that organic products contain more nutritional value, retain more natural minerals and are much healthier. 

Energy boost 

The Go-Keto Protein bar contains extra protein, which provides your body with energy throughout the day, as well as healthy fats. ’Healthy fats do not make you fat, but sugars do. Healthy fats energize your body and are a clean fuel.’ The Go-Keto Protein bars contain MCT fat. ‘MCT Oil, made from pure coconut fatty acids, is the best type of fat you can eat. MCT’s are processed faster in your body and give, both your body and mind, an energy boost.’ 


The Go-Keto Protein bars are certified organic (SKAL), 100% vegan, free from lactose, sugar and gluten. Ingredients include organic nuts, orange or peppermint oil, cocoa, pink Himalayan Salt and green tea extract. 

New products 

Nordemann is proud of the Go-Keto Protein bars. ‘We have become so enthusiastic that we are now developing more low-carbohydrate and sugar-free products. Snacks with which we want to show that organic products can not only be good and healthy but are also very tasty.’ 

About Swiss Point of Care® 

More than 10 years ago, Ben Nordemann decided to trade in his successful business career to start a company that focusses on health and improving your lifestyle. It started with Polyphine® grape extract products for the heart, among other things. The Swiss Point of Care range has grown considerably in recent years. Swiss Point of care is the creator and distributor of the Vital 20 food supplements line. Distributor of medical devices such as cholesterol, ketone and glucose meters and distributor and developer of low-carbohydrate and keto products under the name Go-Keto®.  Swiss Point of Care is Skal 

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