Céline Pasotti

be the best me.

My name is Celine, I am 44 years old, I am a nurse, nutritionist coach in food ketogenic, mate, mom … I have a busy life. 

It was my life journey that introduced me to this diet. Over the past fifteen years, I have gradually gained weight and went from 70 to 104 kg. 

The reasons for this significant weight gain are my pregnancies, inactivity and my irrepressible food urges. 

I have tried absolutely everything: the high protein diet, the low calorie diet, the famous points diet …. I even ended up agreeing to have a silicone balloon put on me filled with water in my stomach to reduce its volume and hope to eat less … 

It was all failure, disappointment and made my weight gain worse.
Eventually I came across the ketogenic diet a bit by chance, I started read a lot of articles on this subject and found this approach very interesting. 

Sugar ….. So he would be responsible for all my misfortune …. The one I found so good to me, so reassuring …. He was the one who would mess me up and do me so much wrong ???? 

What about fats? My worst enemies, whom I hate, against whom I wage an endless war …. Finally they would be my allies ???? But nothing is going well, it’s a real upheaval because my mind has always been formatted otherwise. 

So yes ! You have to press the RESET button and learn to think differently:
Sugars, whether slow or fast, natural or industrial, are my new enemies.
Fat, whether saturated or unsaturated, is my new friend.
Celine you will copy this 100 times every night !!! 

Sending ketolove Celine / Ketoloveshop

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