Patrick Druyts

Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch

My name is Patrick Druyts (1967). Born in the Kempen, but now fully established in the student city of Leuven. I have exercised intensively all my life: fitness, combat sports, jogging, … and also have a heavy physical occupation. My goal is to help other people with knowledge to get their health on the right track. A keto lifestyle can help with this! 

I have always been a sporty person and work in a metal recycling company. Quite physically demanding. An active life has always been a necessary outlet for me so that I can relax. Until a few years ago it all went pretty well, but in the last decade it started to be a bit more difficult. I am already 50+… 

That is now different again. A keto lifestyle has helped me make a positive transformation. 

Because I wanted to know more about how it all works, and also want others to share that knowledge, I have now also started following the coaching and nutrition consultant training courses. 

I learned about the positive effect of ketosis on sleep and concentration, but also on the prevention & treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia and diabetes, among others. The first two (better sleep and concentration) I immediately experienced myself, and I feel better than ever! Since Alzheimer’s dementia and Diabetes run in my family, that also aroused my interest and I started to study them. (see under the tab “recommended” for relevant literature and video material). 

The keto life went – as expected – with trial and error. Now that I’m used to it, I also know the main pitfalls that lurk here and there, and I would like to share these experiences. 

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