Robert Jäger

Be the best me.

I’m Jorge and I’ve been an enthusiast of good nutrition and physical exercise for many years. My profession (IT Director) has a sedentary nature, but not me! I’ve always made a point of staying active and fighting a sedentary lifestyle.

My favourite sport is running, and I use all the wearables I can to track my performance and analyse my body’s response to my demanding requests! I also practice lifting weights, jumping rope and surfing.

Like everyone who is interested in sports, I have spent years trying to figure out what is the best diet to withstand days of stress and greater physical demand. The traditional answer is always based on carbohydrates. If you want energy, eat carbs! Well, chronic inflammation for those who regularly exercise and eat carbs says otherwise.

And so, I began my journey of reducing carbs, investigating primal ways of life, and arriving at the Keto way of life, which I will never abandon. My next step is to convey what I have learned so that others can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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