“Hi, I am Michael. I’m in my 50’s and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  

Most of my life I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I never even considered any of those strict diets everyone was talking about… I would just think: “Pfff – I don’t need that!”  

I worked out once a week, which just about compensated for my chocolate cake binges and weekly intake of my favourite high crust, chewy pizza. I never had any complaints about my weight or my health. I was always energetic, joyful and healthy.  

Until a few years ago.

My routine was exactly the same, but my body didn’t feel right… I was suddenly feeling bloated, tired and irritable.  

In an effort to feel more like myself again, I started exercising more. I even joined a rowing workout studio! It certainly helped, especially in the beginning, but the bloating and fatigue did not go away.  

That’s when I decided to change my diet. I had heard of the great results that people were achieving with the keto lifestyle and started to read up on it. 

At first, I was quite sceptical… I had to give up my favourite pizza, my noodles, my French fries, my sandwiches, my chocolate cake and Port wine! Was I willing to let go of all of that for my wellbeing?  

Michael Keto Story

And then there was the keto routine… I had to calculate my macro’s, keep track of everything I ate, take my ketone and glucose levels. Was I willing to do so much work.

I had the chance to follow the 8-week-challenge by Go-Keto, and in spite of my doubts, I decided to dive in. And it was the best decision I ever made.  

The Go-Keto Challenge made all the difference. It helped me kickstart my new lifestyle.  

I learned about my body, what to eat and what to avoid, as well as many tricks to stay motivated and stick to the diet.  

But it wasn’t easy at first – I won’t lie to you. The routine felt unfamiliar and I had a bout of ‘keto flu’, before I found out that I simply needed a little more salt. And I had a lot to learn about food – I never knew that so much food was so full of carbs!  

But the steady flow of encouragement and information of the Go-Keto Challenge was a great support. It helped me to get through those early weeks.  

And then, somehow, it all changed. I got into the routine and eating keto became easy and natural.  

And miraculously, I didn’t miss all those carb-rich foods at all. I really enjoyed my keto food and it kept me satisfied better than the carbs ever had! The cravings were gone for good. 

And it worked. I lost weight and better yet, I felt light, energized, happy… Like my best self once again.

So when I asked myself at the end of the Go-Keto Challenge if I was sticking to the keto lifestyle… 

The answer was YES 

For the past 5 months I’ve been following the Go-Keto lifestyle and I heartily recommend trying it for yourself. It’s a healthy diet that makes you feel light and energetic – as you should be!”  


Feel energetic, lose weight, feel younger –  be the best me. 
Follow Michael’s example and Go Keto now!