Hi there, fellow ketonians!

My name is Caroline and I work as an editor for Go-Keto.

I was on keto for most of 2021. I lost about 8kg and after a bit of keto flu in the first few days, I felt pretty good. However, I decided to take a break from the diet over the holidays. I just wanted to relax for a bit and not think too much.

I was out of ketosis for about two weeks. I didn’t overindulge and I didn’t even gain weight, so I don’t feel guilty, really. But I do feel sort of heavy and bloated by now, and just very, very fed up with carbs! So, it’s time to go back to keto basics. Time to

be the best me.

Here’s my motivation
– I want to lose another 4kg
– I want to stop thinking about eating all day
– I want to improve my digestion (keto helps – a lot!)
– I want to fit into my blue party dress
– I want to feel clean, focused and energized again

And this is my keto plan
– As of this week, I’ll cut the carbs to about 20gr a day
– I’ll eat keto veggies with every meal
– I’ll eat less protein and more fat (MCT!)
– I’ll work out twice a week
– I’ll take a walk every day
– I’ll stay in ketosis until the end of February (at least)

Starting next Friday, I will let you know every week how I’m doing on this ‘Back to Basics’ keto journey. I will share with you my ketone levels and weight, my lifestyle and diet adjustments, an occasional recipe, how I’m feeling, my challenges and – I hope – my achievements.

Let’s support and inspire each other in this adventure. Together, we’ll make this a great keto journey.

Take care and Go Keto!