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Hello fellow ketonians! 

Do you have periods when you just can’t seem to settle into your keto routine? I’m just getting out of one. For some reason, I seemed to be struggling with keto, staying on the outer edges of ketosis, wanting all the bad stuff – and giving in at times. Silly me.  

I felt bad…

It wasn’t a good feeling. I slept badly, not surprisingly: my belly kept voicing loud and persistent protests and I was busy all night scolding myself for having had those French fries and that apple pie… I had no energy, didn’t lose weight and felt bloated and unhappy with myself. 

So finally, I got my keto act together. How? I decided to approach the diet as if it’s completely new to me.

No more sloppy habits

I started at the beginning, checking out the webinars from the 8-Week Go-Keto Challenge and getting rid of those sloppy habits that you develop when you’ve been on a diet for a long time. That taught me a lot.

caroline keto story

You think you know it all,
while in fact, you just get lazy!  

Eat your fat, Caroline!

I know, for instance, that I often eat too little fat and I’m trying to remedy that. Recently I spoke about this to Go-Keto coach Johanne Cammarata, who explained to me that it’s a common mistake, but one which will make it hard for you to stay in ketosis. So Johanne, I’m fixing it: I just got my Go-Keto MCT Oil Shape! 

And it works!  

I’m once more settling nicely into a solid daily routine:  

  • Keeping track of what I eat for each meal 
  • Making sure I meet my macros 
  • Checking my ketones at least twice a day  
  • Reading up on keto facts and tricks at 

So, in short, for the next few weeks, Go-Keto will be my guide! I’ll keep you posted. 



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