Audrey Riethmuller

be the best me.

My name is Audrey, I am a mom and wife, an entrepreneur and a fitness addict and I’m in my forties. I started the keto diet a few months ago after reading several articles on the benefits of the keto diet. 

My story: 

I started my first diet at the age of 13. Today I’m in my forties and I’ve spent all these years trying every possible diet to lose a few pounds and to get in shape and being healthy. But in the end the result was always the same. I had to choose between losing a few pounds or getting in shape. 

On top of that, my cooking was bland and tasteless because I was using “light” products that were supposedly healthy because they were in low in fat. 

After having made a total rest, in order to change these beliefs that we have been taught for so long (fat should be bad for you health, you should to consume it sparingly), I launched myself into this wonderful adventure that has changed my life! 

Now, in addition to treating my little family with dishes that finally taste good (as my husband just told me yesterday), I am in good shape and I maintain my figure. 

I’m enjoying cooking again and finding new recipes that are always delicious. I share my recipes and tips on my Instagram account and on my Facebook page. 

I’d love to invite you to discover my accounts and to share you knowledge and recipes. 

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