Johanne Cammarata

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My name is Johanne, I am a super-happy french coach in the ketogenic diet!I am soon to turn 40, and I had my wake-up call exactly 11 years ago, when I started to realize that, what was taught to people as mainstream nutrition was making them sick, depressed and fat. 

I developed a passion for nutrition, a craving to know how our metabolism work, and a few years later I started coaching people with paleo diet and lifestyle. It was good, but I was under the impression that it couldn’t solve deep metabolic condition like metabolic syndrome, leaky gut, thyroid problems, etc. 

I find out about the ketogenic diet when trying to solve my own candida, leaky gut syndrome and pre diabetic blood glucose. It took me a few months to truly keto-adapt. From that point, everything changed, in an unexpected and exhilarating way! keto-Adaptation and ketosis helped me heal from candida, leaky gut, and got my blood glucose nice and low. 

I started my website, because i wanted to help and educate people as much as I could about the keto diet. At the same time I launched my youtube channel, and 4 years ago I started coaching people into this lifestyle ! And then I was lucky enough that a publishing house asked me to write my book : Révolution Cétogène: Adaptez votre métabolisme, changez votre vie. 

I am so passionate about this that I literally organise my life around it: I exercise, move, sleep, breathe and obviously eat in a ketogenic way, and I try to live my life as our ancestors did (as much as our modern society allows). I am always trying to learn more and understand more, for me and the people I work with! 

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