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We love this recipe for chocolate keto truffles, which, underneath its chocolate treat appearance, is actually a great fat bomb. It allows us to increase our fats while enjoying a healthy treat and without generating inflammation. 

A taste of paradise?

If the ketogenic lifestyle is new to you, you might wonder if cutting carbs has any influence on the taste of keto food. Luckily, restricting carbs doesn’t necessarily mean the downfall of flavour, since there are many keto friendly ways to flavour your keto dishes and baked goods. Still, we can imagine you’ll find it hard to know where to start if it’s all new to you, so let us help you out here. 

Seasonings & flavours

Sauces, toppings and marinades often contain a lot of hidden carbohydrates. To flavour your keto foods, you’ll have to find alternatives. By using ground spices and seasonings, you can give your keto meals a great taste kick. Mix your favorite herbs for instance with olive oil and spread it on your fish or meat before grilling or baking. Whole herbs work wonders for many different dishes. Try as many as you can and find out what you like. 

Oh my sweetness!

For desserts or bites like the truffles in this recipe, you’re probably looking for a sweeter taste. Flavoured MCT oils, like our own vanilla-flavoured MCT Oil Keto Energy and orange-flavoured MCT Oil Keto Brain & Eye, might provide you with a solution. Not only do they add flavour, but they also nourish your body with the best type of fat, make you feel satisfied and help maintain your energy levels. You can also choose a neutral tasting MCT oil, like our Organic MCT Oil Keto C8/C10, which you can use in sweet dishes as well as in evening meals or coffees. Flavouring drops with a great variety of natural, specific tastes like mint or lime are also available.  

Here’s a top 5 of favourite flavours to boost your sweet keto bakes with: 

  1. Vanilla 
  2. Coffee 
  3. Rum 
  4. Orange
  5. Mint 

Portions: 12


  • 250g soft butter at room temperature
  • 50g sugar-free cocoa powder
  • 60g Go-Keto MCT oil
  • Monk Fruit drops or stevia, or erythritol powder mix amount according to your taste
  • Your favourite flavouring drops or flavoured MCT oil (optional)


  1. Carefully mix the butter with cocoa, MCT Oil, sweetener and flavouring
  2. Let it chill for one hour
  3. Form balls with your hands and roll them in cocoa powder
  4. These truffles can be kept for a fortnight in the refrigerator

Enjoy the chocolate treat! 

Céline / Ketoloveshop