Hi there, fellow ketonians, 

Although I’ve been on keto for about a year now – with a few breaks – and have been in possession of the Go-Keto Meter Kickstart Set for almost as long, I’ve not used it very often. Why? To be honest, the reason is utterly silly – I kept forgetting to order new test strips. Sad but true! But I’ve started measuring for real now. 

When the test strips ran out, I used my husband’s urine strips for a while and later on – don’t laugh! – I thought I could just “feel” when I was in ketosis, so why bother measuring? I know, I know… Guilty as charged. 

But recently, I found out why it’s really important to take exact measurements of your ketone levels. Of course, it helps to kickstart your keto journey in the beginning when you go keto, as you can see in the video. But there’s more. You’ll need the meter later on as well. 

Finding the Ketone “Sweet Spot”

Everyone has a more or less ideal ketone level, a sort of “sweet spot in ketosis” at which your metabolism runs perfectly smooth: you have no cravings, you feel full of energy and you lose weight easily and steadily. That’s something worth finding! And the only way to do that, and to keep as close to it as possible over time, is to measure your ketone levels regularly and check them against what you eat. 

So my mission for the next two weeks is to find my ketone sweet spot by using my Go-Keto Meter at least twice a day. Here we go! 

Take care and go keto!