Yes, I want to be the best me.

3 keys to a healthy lifestyle:
Nutrition, Mindset and Movement.

Your goal is in sight, but you’re still struggling to reach it. You’ve quit sugar, you’ve cut the carbs, you are fully committed… but you still don’t feel like the best version of yourself.  

Your nutrition is only one part of your lifestyle.  

If you’re eager to:

Changing your habits involves much more than changing the way you eat – it is also about the way you think and motivate yourself to be better each day. 

Now is your time to take control and say, “I want to be the best me.” 

We know that many of our Go-Keto fans struggle throughout their journey. That is why this event is made for YOU! Connect your body to your healthy mind and achieve what you desire the most.  

We are super proud to announce that Mahima has created a workshop especially for our fans. Designed for you, for you that wants to be the best me.   

Don’t miss this opportunity to join this exclusive live session FOR FREE with Europe’s #1 Self-Mastery and Leadership Mentor, Mahima. 

Yes, I want to be the best me.

What’s in it? 

In this workshop we’ll discuss how to upgrade your mindset, nutrition, movement and lifestyle habits. We will show you easy, applicable steps to set realistic goals and succeed on your keto diet.

Here, you will have the opportunity to share your struggles and receive 1:1 advice from the world’s leading self-mastery mentor. Because your healthy body starts with a healthy mind. 

3 vital skills you’ll master after this workshop: 

Meet Your Guide 

Europe’s #1 Self-Mastery and Leadership Mentor, International Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Trainer 

Mahima is the founder of The Mahima Mindset and Love Silence and the creator of Accelerated Personal Growth Academies. She leads retreats and online events, specifically designed to create massive, lasting transformations. 

Recognized globally as an Award-Winning speaker, Mahima has led seminars and workshops at Fortune 500 companies as well as Mindvalley’s Afest, alongside Lisa Nichols, Merissa Peer, John Gray (Author, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and many others. 

Who is this event for? 

Aspiring ketonians who want to succeed on their keto journey 

Hardworking, well-meaning individuals who strive to be the best me. 

Anyone who is stuck and finds it difficult to make the changes they need the most

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your MINDSET? 

Take the first step to success. Join us to learn how to break the circle and begin the fulfilled and exciting life you’ve always desired. 

Date & Time: 
Tuesday, September 6th 2022 
19:00h – 20:30h CET 

Virtual live event via Zoom. A link will be provided on the day of the event, after signing up FOR FREE.  

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with Mahima. As a world leading mentor, she’s always on the road and in great demand. So this is your chance.

Are you ready to be the best me. ? 

Sign up and let Mahima upgrade your mindset to the next level!

Please note that this workshop will be held only in English. You can choose the language you wish to see in the emails.