Even doctors don’t agree, can you cure type 2 diabetes or not? We do know one thing, there are people who have changed their way of life and no longer need medication. 

By eating healthier, exercising and losing weight and losing weight, people with type 2 diabetes can make their bodies respond better to insulin. The blood sugar then becomes a lot more stable and lower. There are also people who therefore no longer need insulin or medication. They call this “diabetes type 2 reversal” or “remission”. 

Are you healed when that happens?

can you heal from type 2 diabetes go keto

Now the big question is whether you are cured of diabetes when you no longer need medication. People who succeeded and some doctors say yes. Doctors say no. They say that the high blood sugar comes back when someone lets go of their good lifestyle. 

Why is remission good? 

If your blood sugar values ​​are good, you feel better. In addition, in the longer term, you have less chance of complications such as eye problems, kidney diseases and cardiovascular diseases. 

How can you reverse type 2 diabetes?

Eat healthier. 

Choose the whole-grain version of bread, rice and pasta, eat it in modest portions. Eat enough vegetables, fruit and sugar-free dairy. Choose lean meat and unsaturated fats in liquid margarine, olive oil, seeds and unsalted nuts. Eat fish once a week. And perhaps most importantly: Do not eat too much candy, cookies and snacks. And avoid drinks that contain sugar, such as fruit juice and soft drinks. 

Try to lose weight if you are overweight. 

If you already lose a few pounds your body will notice. Your body then responds better to the insulin. It may help to eat less carbohydrates or to do a ketogenic diet. 

Exercise more often  

Moving and staying active is important. Especially if you have diabetes. Exercise makes your body more sensitive to insulin. This does not mean that you have to run to the gym fanatically. Walking, cycling or working in the garden is also good. If you only take at least half an hour a day to exercise. 

Can anyone reverse type 2 diabetes?

can you heal from type 2 diabetes go keto

Whether you can reverse your diabetes with the above advice depends on how long you have had diabetes and how old you are. It works for one person, not the other. But it is still worth eating healthy and exercising enough because it improves blood sugar and reduces the risk of diabetes complications. 

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Source: Diabetes Fund