My name is Celine, I am 44 years old, I am a nurse, ketogenic nutrition coach, partner, mom… I have a busy life.  

It was my life journey that introduced me to this diet, in fact over the past fifteen years I have gradually gained weight and have gone from 70 to 104 kg. The reasons for this significant weight gain are my pregnancies, inactivity and my overwhelming urges to eat. 

I have tried absolutely everything: the high protein diet, the low calorie diet, the famous points diet…. I even ended up agreeing to have a silicone balloon filled with water placed in my stomach to reduce its volume and hope to eat less… It was all failure, disappointment and aggravated my weight gain. 

Eventually I came across the ketogenic diet somewhat by accident, started reading a lot of articles about it and found this approach very interesting.  

Sugar… .. It would therefore be him responsible for all my misfortune…. The one I found so good with me, so reassuring…. He’s the one who would mess me up and hurt me so much???? 

What about fats? My worst enemies, whom I hate, against whom I wage an endless war…. Finally they would be my allies????   

But nothing is going any more, it is a real upheaval because my mind has always been formatted differently. 

So yes ! You have to press the RESET button and learn to think differently: Sugars, whether slow or fast, natural or industrial are my new enemies. Fat, whether saturated or unsaturated, is my new friend. Celine you will copy this 100 times every night !!! 

Phew !!! That’s it I managed to reformat my brain so I went to discove this complicated diet: The ketogenic diet. 

At the beginning it was difficult, a lot of new data to assimilate, a state of mind to change, eating habits to review, more sugar, but also to eat so many fats… of course we make mistakes, but we continue, and little by little we understand, and we advanced. Changing your lifestyle is not easy, but you want to do it, because quite quickly you start to feel the benefits of stopping the poison of sugar.  

The migraines go away, the pounds drop, the mental faculties sharpen…. But what happens to me ??? Have I ever felt like this? I feel alive, rejuvenated? My brain is burning hard, no more pain, no more cravings… Could this be the effects of this ketogenic diet? 

Yes, and these effects have never left me and I can tell you that there is the Celine from before with her kilos, her migraines and her hypertension, her pumping strokes and her obsessive cravings … and the Celine now : The ketogenic Celine who forgot that one day she suffered from all this and who finally lives her life fully and with immense joy. 

So if you too want to find this quality of life and if you are ready to accept this positive change, do not hesitate to come and join me … I am committed to helping you, to coaching you for your ketogenic metamorphosis…  


Celine / Ketoloveshop