Sports and nutrition belong together. If you have an active lifestyle, your body also requires the corresponding building materials and fuels to perform the activities. A number of things are important for athletes. 

Eat enough
You need energy when you exercise. The right food provides energy. But, to have enough energy, there must also be enough to eat. Therefore, with a sufficient activity, eat a small amount of calories more. Increase your calorie intake by 200-400 for sufficient fuel. 

Egg whites 
When you say athletes, you also say proteins. Proteins provide amino acids, which are building blocks for the muscles. You need to get enough protein to nourish and grow your muscles after strenuous exercise. Take approximately 1.2 x your own body weight in grams of protein. 

Energy source
With a normal diet, carbohydrates provide the energy in the body. If this is also the case with you, eat enough good carbohydrates and avoid fast sugars such as added sugars and white grains. Do you do a special diet where less carbohydrates are eaten? Then take in enough fats. Fats can also be a source of energy that makes people lose weight faster. They also call this the ketogenic diet. 

Are you already exercising fanatically or do you want to exercise enthusiastically? Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol is seen as poison and therefore breaks down muscle growth. Do you want a nice cold beer in the warm sun, or a nice wine on the beach? Limit it as much as possible and only do it in small quantities. Alcohol destroys more muscles than you build up. 

Healthy fats
To function properly, people need healthy fats. The body cannot function properly without these fats. Try to eat a maximum of 1 gram of fat per body kilo and of course we do not mean the snacks from the fryer!