Why do we often hear about electrolytes in the ketogenic diet? Are electrolytes really useful for being in ketosis or for the keto-adaptation? 

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are mineral salts which, when dissolved in a liquid (such as blood), have an electric charge. Electrolytes carry mobile positive and negative ions. They are therefore vital for the functioning of metabolism: energy, brain function, muscle contraction, the functioning of mitochondria and more. 

Why do we need electrolytes in the ketogenic diet?

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In a ketogenic diet or even in a low-carb diet, the amount of carbohydrates we consume is greatly reduced. This reduction in carbohydrates leads to a drastic reduction in the insulin that our body produces. This reduction in insulin is beneficial for the body. However, the reduction in insulin also has other consequences. 

What is the problem?

Of course, it’s good not to retain too much water! But when the main electrolytes: sodium, magnesium and potassium are out of balance, unpleasant symptoms can arise, such as: 

What should I do?

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To avoid this, you just need to keep a few simple principles in mind: 


Drinking at least 1.5-2 litres a day is essential to prevent dehydration and demineralisation. Avoid dehydrating drinks such as tea and coffee. 


In addition to properly salting your food, it is advisable on the ketogenic diet to take at least ½ teaspoon of salt (himalayan salt or sea salt) diluted in water per day. 


Some foods are best because they are naturally rich in dietary potassium, this is the case with avocados, spinach sprouts, seaweed and aromatic herbs. 


Good magnesium supplements are a must in the ketogenic ideet. Choose the most absorbable forms, glycinate, bisglycinate magnesium, or transcutaneous magnesium. Avoid so-called “marine” magnesium, which is often magnesium oxide, which is less absorbable. You can also choose a complete formula of electrolytes, which makes the balance easier to achieve. Electrolytes can also be used to supplement food intake. 


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