keto friendly cuisine

During the holiday season, many people enjoy visiting restaurants with their loved ones. This most certainly can be challenging when following the keto diet. Thankfully, restaurants are slowly adapting to offer more keto-friendly dishes. Here are some of our tips!

A burger can fit perfectly into the keto-diet with a slight adjustment, leaving out the bun. Instead replace it with lettuce leaves, top and bottom, then add a few veggies in. Tip: avocado is a delicious addition to a burger, rich in healthy fats.

Chinese Cuisine
Many Chinese dishes are already very nutritious and suitable for the keto diet. For example, a lot of mushrooms and chicken are eaten in this cuisine. Ask the waiter to help you put something together!

Greek Cuisine
Greek food is also very low of the carb counter, a wider array of vegetables and salads, mixed in with a good piece of meat. Tzatziki for example, made with Greek yoghurt, herbs, garlic and cucumber is a delicious sauce to accompany your dish of choice. Greek yoghurt alone is perfect to substitute in with breakfast because of its high protein and low carbohydrate levels.

Italian Cuisine
One of the most popular cuisines enjoyed by many for its extensive meal range. For our keto lovers, try chicken alfredo (without the pasta of course) for a delicious recipe well suited to the keto diet. Italian cuisine also feature many salads and meat dishes such as carpaccio.

Japanese Cuisine
Japanese meals include a lot of seafood and meat, from the lean fish filets to the more exotic crayfish. You could even replace the rice with cauliflower rice. Take it easy however on the spices to keep the carbohydrate levels down!

There are more than enough options to choose from when heading out for a meal. Whenever you are in doubt, ask the waiter/chef to adjust something from the standard menu. Low-carb options are always available!