During fitter or healthier lifestyles it is strongly recommended to move. In addition to the fact that exercise is important, it is also fun to do! But if you want to lose weight you have to know what the right way is. There are many people who stand on the treadmill for an hour every day. But did you know that it helps your body to do strength training? The fact is that you deal with burning your peace when your body becomes stronger. If you only do cardio you burn a certain amount of calories at that moment. And the moment you step off the loopbang, that burning stops. This is different for strength training. Your body becomes stronger and needs more calories to function. In this way the calming burn becomes higher and you still enjoy the hard work days after your training. But in addition to keeping our body fit and moving, it stimulates breathing and the muscles and joints become stronger and smoother. Exercising or exercising also reduces the risk of: Breast cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Depression and Diabetes (type 2). Exercise can help improve: Bone density, insulin sensitivity, your fat percentage and your bud pressure. 

To lose weight
Exercising or sports are very important for our body. It stimulates the burning of fat in our body. This leads to weight loss. And that is what we strive for. Of course, the sport we practice is very different. In a muscle-building sport, for example, you will grow more muscle mass, which means that your metabolism will be higher than normal. If you want to lose weight, this is the obvious choice, because building muscle provides a more structural rest-metabolism. Of course, exercising and getting the right food go hand in hand. Which sports or in what way do you have to move now? 

If you are going to exercise and exercise then it is useful to know that you have to move for at least one hour a day. It is important that your heart rate and breathing increase slightly. This is best done by taking a short walk every day or every day to kick harder on the bike. Besides that your heartbeat and breathing need to be high, it is important that you keep your heart and blood vessels in a good condition. Here you have different methods for, including moving, but also the use of supplements.  

Sports  Aerobics  Basketball  Crosstrainer  Dancing  Cycle  Running  Ice skating  Football  Volleybal  Yoga  Swimming 
Kcal/u  517  591  536  444  517  850  517  760  296  286  444 

Blood Vessels
During the fitter or with a healthier lifestyle, it is strongly recommended to exercise. Lowering your cholesterol also has positive effects. Exercise ensures a better condition and bowel movements. If you exercise regularly, your muscles will burn more energy. If you did not exercise, the energy would be stored as extra weight. 

“With sports, so much energy is released, which you can do together as well as alone. It provides an incentive to become mentally and physically healthier “. 

David C. Dice
Exercise ensures a better circulation of your bloodstream. Scientific research has proven that during blood circulation the blood flow has a positive effect on the widening of your veins. This also held true. The result is that during intensive exercise, your blood circulation will be better and the veins will decrease. 

In a depression you often do not feel like it. This makes you tend to be at home in your room. You may lie all day or you are staring all day ahead. In addition to being unhealthy, this is not the right way to get rid of your depression. You will get tired faster, while you have not done much. Feeling exhausted, you notice both mentally and physically. It is therefore better to fight against this feeling of lethargy. Even if it’s only ten minutes, a little bit of movement does wonders! Your body remains active through exercise. Staying active in your body creates a soothing feeling for your body, which can cope with stress and depression. Everything feels solid when you do nothing, but when you move everything is released. 

You can do exercise in different ways. This can be a simple walk, but what may be a nice stimulus for yourself is to do an activity, which can be both relaxing and fun. You can also do this with someone, so that you can socialize at the same time. In addition to a fun activity, there are also activities that are relaxing. Think of folding the laundry, reading a book or watching a movie. 

In addition to the relaxing activity and the walk there is another activity, which contributes to exercise. Sports is healthy against depression. It keeps your body in shape both physically and mentally. That is exactly what our body needs against depression. Sports takes you out of that exhausted feeling and makes you happier as a person.