Dive into tales of transformation, where the scale’s numbers aren’t the only thing dropping – we’re talking energy levels soaring sky-high and health markers doing a happy dance. From the first-timer who accidentally turned their kitchen into a science experiment, to the seasoned vet who’s got meal prepping down to a fine art, everyone’s got a story to share.
Got your own keto saga? This is your stage! Whether it’s a shout from the mountain tops about hitting your goal weight, or a giggle about that time you mistook salt for sweetener, we want to hear it all. Sharing is caring, and around here, we care a lot about making sure everyone feels supported on their keto journey.

We are now 10 months on and I have lost 40 kilograms! I feel fit, bright and energetic. What I like about keto is that it is not a starvation diet. I eat what I like and until I am satisfied. Also the fact that your social life doesn’t have to suffer is a big plus for me.


I currently weigh 17 kilos less (and counting). Before, I was often tired, groggy and didn’t feel like doing things. I notice that I have much more energy and feel like doing things again. Without feeling insecure. I also notice that I sleep much better.


Every day I had cramps in my stomach. When I started keto my symptoms disappeared like snow in the sun. My skin improved, my hair became shiny again and the sleep I had was of better quality! In addition, I lost an awful lot of weight (28kg) which boosted my self-confidence!