Unlocking keto:
Live workshops & replays

Here, we’ve got live workshops that are as interactive as they are informative. Picture this: you, your burning keto questions, and a bunch of keto wizards ready to demystify everything from macros to meal prepping magic. And the best part? If you miss out on the live action, we’ve got all the replays ready for you to binge-watch at your leisure. It’s like Netflix for keto enthusiasts!
Whether you’re a keto newbie looking for a roadmap or a seasoned keto-er aiming to fine-tune your routine, our workshops are designed to unlock new levels of keto success. We cover all the bases – from the science behind ketosis to practical tips on navigating social gatherings without falling off the keto wagon.

Exclusive Interview with Keto Podcast Host

Louisette Blikkenhorst  |  Ketogeen Instituut Nederland
Ben Nordemann  |  Host, Go-Keto

An exclusive interview with Louisette Blikkenhorst from Ketogeen Instituut Nederland, host of the Keto Podcast! Louisette shares her keto journey, expert tips, and passion for helping others achieve their health goals. Tune in for valuable advice and the latest keto trends. Transform your life with keto!

Language  |  Dutch spoken
Subtitles  |  English, German, French

Unlocking the Power of Nutrition for Mental Health

Dr. Georgia Ede  |  Harvard University
Louisette Blikkenhorst  |  Ketogeen Instituut Nederland
Ben Nordemann  |  Host, Go-Keto

This exclusive Lunch & Learn session with the renowned Dr. Georgia Ede is nothing short of inspiring! Dr. Ede, author of “Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind,” shares profound insights into how our diet can significantly impact our mental health.

Language  |  English spoken

Franceska Sienders' Keto Lifestyle

Franceska Sienders  |  Go-Keto Coach

Meet Go-Keto Coach Franceska Sienders! In this short video she introduces herself and explains how she incorrorates the keto lifestyle in het daily routine.

Language  |  English spoken