Exercising keeps our body fit again, it also stimulates breathing plus the muscles and joints become stronger and smoother. 

Why should I take Sport Supplements?
It happens often that our body can’t keep up physically or sometimes we just need some support. Food plays an important role in this. Sports requires a lot of energy and the right minerals ensure the right balance. In order to find this balance, we strongly recommend supplements that can give you a helping hand, because exercise is very healthy, but what you get inside, is even healthier! With sports you avoid risks such as: Breast cancer, Heart and vascular diseases, Depression and Diabetes (type2). The benefits of exercise are: Bone density, insulin sensitivity, your fat percentage, blood pressure and cognitive functioning. 

In the pre-workout you provide extra energy for exercise. This gives your body an extra boost or a drive. Many athletes and professionals take a pre-workout to provide an extra boost to their training or work-out. 

Why a pre-workout?
A pre-workout provides extra energy for exercise. This results in a higher energy level, longer endurance, more strength and faster recovery. Most supplements that are offered are there to help you for exercise, but contain harmful substances that are not good for the body. The supplements of Swiss Point of Care are based on a natural basis and ensure a natural result without the harmful effects. 

Polyphine SPORT
Polyphine® SPORT gives a natural boost to your training thanks to Panax Ginseng and consists of a natural grape and apple extract, with an antioxidant effect. * Polyphine® SPORT with natural magnesium (good for the muscles) and vitamin C (important for blood vessels). 

Better Performance
Helps to improve sporting performance3 

Better Blood circulation
Important for a good condition of the blood vessels1. Enchances blood circulation1 

Less Muscle Ache
Slows down lactic acid formation in the muscles3 

Increases Endurance
Improves endurance3 and supports energy level2 * 

1 Vitamin C
2 Magnesium
3 Ginseng 

Our Supplements
The Polyphine edition of Swiss Point of Care are top quality and are dosed high. This Polyphine edition contribute to a top feeling during sports. Different people share their sense of appreciation when using Polyphine SPORT and Good for JOINTS. 

At Swiss Point of Care we are fascinated by nature and the direct influence of food and lifestyle on our vitality. We see that the right sports supplements contribute to a better sports ability. And natural polyphenols contribute to our vitality. That is why we strive to make those essential polyphenols available. 

Swiss Point of Care helps: “You feel again in health, sport and beauty, completely natural and always scientifically based.” 

A pre-workout has an effect on exercise. A Post workout relates to after exercise. Many athletes and professionals take a post-workout to restore the muscles after training. 

Why a post-workout?
After a successful training activity your body needs food to absorb the burned minerals. Your body is in a hormonal phase after exercise, in which your body longs for minerals. This hormonal phase is also described as the anabolic window, which lasts until one hour after the training. The supplements of Swiss Point of Care are based on a natural basis and ensure a natural result without the harmful effects. 

Good for JOINTS
Good for JOINTS with Magnesium, Manganese and enriched with natural Vitamin C, D3 and K2 for optimal performance. Contains Polyphine JOINTS, OPC and Hydroxytyrosol polyphenols from grape seeds and olives harvested in France. Contains Glucosamine, MSM and Molybdenum. 

Good for bones
Supports normal collagen formation for normal functioning of the cartilage6 and bones6 

More cartilage
Good for the formation of cartilage in the joints7 

Good for muscles
Good for the muscles5 

More tissue
Supports the formation of cells and tissue5,8​

5 Magnesiumoxide (Atlantic seawater)
6 Vitamin C  (Roseship extract)
7 Manganese
8 Vitamin D3 (uit Lichen extract) 

Experiences of Sport Professionals and Amateurs 

“During the long days of the “Duchene Heroes” we took every day at the start 2 capsules. And after 4 hours cycling another 2. 

After an intense training season and having comleted the  Duchenne Heroes I can confidently state that with Polyphine SPORT you feel that you do not get tired. I have not had any cramps after cycling since I use Polyphine. 

Personally I am very satisfied and I recommend every avid cyclist Polyphine SPORT .” 

Henk, 47 years 

Racing bike and MTB 


“Since August 2015 I use Polyphine on recommendation of my trainer.
I find myself running easier, being less tired and having much less muscle pain afterwards. Even my runs abroad at 2000 altitude meters where previously I would experience serious muscle aches.
About half an hour before my ultra run, I take 2 capsules. Then again after 3 hours depending on the duration of the run. I am very excited about this sports supplement. ” 

Els Annegarm 

World Champion Ultrarunner