Valerie van Bever

be the best me.

My name is Valerie, 50-something and bon vivant 

Exercise has always been a part of my life. For me, exercising means going all the way, confronting and conquering yourself. And then enjoying a hot, soothing shower afterwards.

As an avid athlete, I know that nutrition is very important. Even if you don’t exercise, it has a huge impact on your health. That is precisely why I wanted to learn more about it. I wanted to know what food lifestyles there are, what this does to your body and why you choose or don’t choose a certain eating pattern. My education as a health coach gave me these answers. 

For about five years, I was an enthusiastic vegetarian. Occasionally, I also went vegan. The thought of deliciously smelling vegetable dishes simmering in the oven or on the stove still makes my mouth water. And yes, they still come to the table often. In that period, I also felt more connected to nature. It was a time of re-energising for me. Yet I was still missing something.

And then the pandemic arrived. At the beginning of the first lockdown, I came into contact with the ketogenic lifestyle by chance. I thought, “Bwah, we’ll give it a shot and see where we end up.”. That’s how my adventure started.

What started as a “we’ll see” has now become a conscious decision. I notice the positive effects in my life. Not only my body benefits, but also my mind. Every day I still immerse myself in this lifestyle. I follow online programmes at home and abroad, have loads of cookbooks and a training to become a keto coach was a must.

I also wanted to take things to the next level and use my knowledge to help people with certain diseases. Thanks to my training as a ketogenic therapist, this is now possible. This style of diet helps reduce symptoms of epilepsy or diabetes. Also, if you have MS, ALS or Alzheimer’s disease, the ketogenic diet reduces the drawbacks and increases your comfort.

There are so many benefits to the ketogenic diet that I have no choice but to do something with it on a professional level. 

That’s why I now call myself the Happy Keto Coach. My goal is to support you in the ketogenic lifestyle, so that you too experience that positive impact on your life. 

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