Go Keto advent EN

The holiday season starts soon – the most magical time of the year! To make it extra special, inspiring and exciting, how about counting down to the start of festivities with a delightful daily keto surprise? Now’s your chance to turn all of December into a wonderful month of anticipation, inspiration and festivity. Time for the Go-Keto Advent Calendar 2022! 

What is an advent calendar? 

The traditional paper advent calendar has 24 tiny compartments containing little surprises, treats, inspirational messages or presents. The doors of these compartments are to be opened one by one on each day of December leading up to the 24th of December, when Celebrations start. Many of us can still remember the childhood magic of being hoisted up by mum or dad to open up one shiny door each day… An advent calendar gives you a daily moment of excitement and joy – to celebrate the season with your loved ones, to reflect on what’s behind and what’s to come, in gratitude and inspiration. That’s what the season is meant for!

At Go-Keto, we’d love to share some of that magic with you! Please accept our December gift to you: the digital Go-Keto Advent Calendar. This unique Go-Keto version of the Advent Calendar is our way of saying ‘thank you!’ for being with us this year! Sounds exciting?

What’s in the Go-Keto Advent Calendar? 

Our Advent Calendar will give you a magic moment every day. There are 24 delightful surprises for you to discover. From sparkling inspirational insights to playful joy and fun, from wonderful festive keto recipes to practical tips and tricks for managing your keto diet – without feeling that you’re missing out on holiday festivities, treats and fun! Such as…


Sounds amazing, right!

How does it work? 

Every day, starting the 1st of December 2022, you will receive an email from us containing your daily surprise, just as we promised.  

The only thing you need to do is to check your inbox daily. Apart from the holiday tips, recipes, games and fun, you may expect some special gifts, like coupon codes for amazing discounts on your favourite Go-Keto products! Have yourself a merry keto Christmas time, shopping at our website… 

How can I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Just complete the form below, then sit back and relax. Inspiration, joy and surprises are coming your way.