Caroline Schwob

Be the best me.

My name is Caroline but my friends call me “Potine”. I am the author, photographer and developer keto and gluten-free recipes for my blog “La Popote de Potine”. 

I’ve been a real foodie for as long as I can remember. I am always experimenting with new ideas in my kitchen with the challenge, for a few years now, to develop my gluten-free and sugar-free recipes by following a ketogenic diet. 

However, I haven’t always been this successful and I have had to go through some difficult times. 

2016 was a difficult year for me: I had more and more intestinal pain, sometimes quite intense, I felt extreme fatigue, I was sometimes a little depressed, I had unwanted skin reactions. As you can imagine, I am not in a great shape and I am no longer me! 

After a very thorough discussion with my general practitioner, I decided to do a very complete blood test to understand what was wrong with me and the diagnosis fell. I am gluten intolerant which has caused a multitude of other intolerances (lactose, eggs, pork, mustard seeds and so on …) a little less but which still cause me some inconvenience and ailments. To top it off, my tests reveal the presence of candidiasis; these small pathogenic fungi called “candida albicans” which haunts and colonizes my digestive tract and which proliferates by feeding on all the forms of sugars that I can eat, accentuating my intestinal discomfort even more. 

You will understand, at that time I am in bad shape and my eating habits must absolutely change if I want to find well-being and a more pleasant life. It is more determined than ever that I decided to react as I like eating so much and I refuse to stop pleasing myself with great food! 

In September 2020, I launched “La Popote de Potine” and since then I have been creating quick and easy recipes for those like me who suffer from intolerances or follow a low-carbohydrate (low GI) or keto diet. No reason to deprive yourself or get frustrated to enjoy good food. My recipes are perfectly suited for the whole family and all the circumstances of everyday life: convivial aperitifs, family meals, brunch, lunch box etc … 

I am glad that this way of life has had such a positive impact on my way of life. My intolerances got the better of me and push me every day to be more and more creative to continue to please myself and to treat my relatives, my friends and my subscribers!

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