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On the subject of ketogenic snacks, I’m rather picky and really suspicious. I’m wary of sloppy recipes, of so-called “keto-friendly” snacks, with too much carbohydrates and long lists of ingredients. To keep it simple and to make sure I’m not making a mistake, I hardly ever buy them. For the same reasons, when coaching, I advise my trainees to avoid them. 

However, the Go-Keto “Crunch” granola is a snack that I use, and even recommend! Here are the 4 reasons why I love it! 


I am very picky about bars and snacks: I often find them too sweet, too chemical, too soft or sickening. 

The Go-Keto Crunch comes in two versions: the chocolate-vanilla version and the chocolate-orange version. I love both because they satisfy a sweet tooth without being too sweet. The sweetness is perfectly balanced, and the crunch of the seeds and almonds adds texture. It’s a rather small snack, but very satisfying and really delicious! 


I like the fact that the list of ingredients is simple and short. Unlike some bars that are packed with preservatives, unknown products, irritating fibres, gluten and other flavour enhancers, the composition is simple, clear and effective. 


I find it very convenient that the Crunches are packaged in small portions, with the carb count is already done. Each portion contains about 10g of carbohydrates, including 8g of erythritol (polyol) which you can deduct from the total carbohydrate count. Once you’ve deducted this, you’re left with less than 2g of carbohydrates in the little pack. 

If you are still worried, you can also check what it does to your blood sugar with the Go-Keto meter: just take your blood sugar 5 minutes before and 2 hours after eating the granola! 


In everyday life, it is very easy to eat keto. But when you’re on holiday, travelling, hiking, on the move in general, it gets more complicated. You don’t always have something easy to eat with you! For all these occasions, I find this little Crunch very practical. 

Last month I was on a training course in a hotel where the meal provided for everyone was not at all suitable for my diet. I asked for a hot drink, into which I poured two good spoonfuls of MCT powder, and I accompanied it with a small pack of Chocolate Orange Crunch! I kept going until the evening without hunger and without any loss of energy or fatigue! 

 Johanne / Superketo 

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