(Keto Carbs) 5g





Most ketonians are always on the look-out for easy, quickly prepared and great tasting breakfast options, and no wonder. Not that delicious keto breakfasts are scarce, but vegan keto options are rarer, and time definitely is, especially on workday mornings. Some days you just don’t have the time or the inspiration for early morning keto cooking. We hear you.

Chilled green tea

So here’s an easy, super healthy and delicious vegan keto breakfast that you can prepare in just a few minutes. True, it includes chilled green tea, which is best made the night before and kept in the fridge overnight. It takes a bit of forethought, but hardly any time. And if you forgot, no problem – the tea adds a nice bit of taste, but you can also use plain water instead.

Full vegan keto breakfast

It looks just like the average smoothie, but it’s actually a complete breakfast. You get a full dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from a tasty combination of keto vegetables and a little bit of strawberry. Avocado and coconut cream add some good fats as well as a nice creamy texture. Our delicious MCT Protein Powder Vanilla gives you (vegan!) protein for strength and MCT’s for ketone energy, with some extra from the MCT Oil Shape. All that, and just around 5g of carbs – ideal for your keto breakfast.

And the flavour, you ask?

Well, if you think you’ll enjoy a low-carb keto breakfast that’s both filling and refreshing, smooth, rich and lightly sweet, with a touch of mint and a subtle lemon twist from the MCT Shape – just give it a try. How about tomorrow morning. Oh – and who says you can only have it at breakfast? It’s a treat at any time of the day. For instance after your workout – in which case, you may want to add a little extra of that delish Protein Powder to sustain your muscles and recover faster.

Note: this recipe requires a blender.

Serves: 1


Small scoop Go-Keto MCT Protein Powder Vanilla
½ avocado
25g coconut cream
70g of cucumber
50g of celery
handful of fresh spinach
4 strawberries
100ml green tea, chilled
½-1 tsp Go-Keto MCT Oil Shape
1 tbs lemon juice
some mint leaves


  1. Peel the avocado and cut the rest of the vegetables in pieces that you blender can handle.
  2. First add the tea and the coconut to your blender, then add MCT Protein Powder, the vegetables, the mint and the strawberries.
  3. Blend for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Stir the mixture with a spoon, adding a little water until the texture is just right: not too thick and not too watery.
  5. Add the MCT Oil Shape and lemon to taste and blend again for a few seconds until smooth. Enjoy!