If you want to boost your energy and encourage the production of ketones, drinks can be a great help. Hot or cold keto drinks are a great way to support your keto lifestyle and supply your body with the nutrients it needs.


The cookies, cakes and breads that you buy in the supermaket are full of sugar, gluten, and unhealthy fats. Why not start baking your own lowcarb keto cake or lowcarb keto cookies? With the right keto baking goods, it’s super easy to make your own low-carb, glutenfree bread, cookies and sweet or savoury pastry.


Feeling healthy, fit and energized is directly influenced by your lifestyle and nutrition. To boost your metabolic health, we created this unique range of clean and balanced supplements. For mental or physical performance, immunity, strength, energy, weight loss, cardiovasculair or joints. Every product unique science based and all natural.


So delicious, it’s the love of your keto life. Only 3,2g of keto carbs max per portion, high in fibre, protein and healthy fats that you need! Our keto granolas are organic, are vegan, are lactose and gluten free and made of 100% natural ingredients, like healthy nuts and seeds. You love it for breakfast and as a snack. Most of all, you’ll keep coming back for the mind-blowing crunch and flavour!

MCT Oil Powder

Power-charge your body and brain with Go-Keto MCT Oil Powder, filled with the pure, sustained ketone energy that only MCT Oil can deliver. Easy to bring along, easy to mix with your drinks, no mess. Hello focus, bye-bye brain fog – the MCT force is with you. Try also our MCT keto coffees and MCT Protein shakes.


Go-Keto MCT Oils are perfect for your keto lifestyle, since fat is your primary fuel!
We only use the best vegan, palm-free MCT to give you the highest ketone energy. Try our superpower MCT Oils Shape, Brain and Energy.


The Go-Keto Meter is Europe’s #1 choice.
When following a ketogenic diet, you’ll want to be sure that you’re in ketosis, the state when your body burns fat instead of glucose.
Without measuring, there is no way of knowing whether you are in ketosis. You can’t feel it or see it. That is why you need to measure.